Bob Vila Radio: Firewood Storage

There’s nothing better than a crackling fire on a chilly night, except maybe not having to go back outside for more firewood!  Here are some great ways to store your fuel close at hand.

Firewood Storage Ideas



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Keep in mind that most firewood has been seasoned outdoors and will contain insects. You don’t want to invite them to move in by storing more than a day or two’s worth of firewood inside your house at a time, nor do you want to stack great piles of it against the outside of your house. To store a year’s supply, you need a woodshed or some other covered storage area set away from any buildings.

If you haven’t installed your fireplace or woodstove yet, of course, be sure to work a woodbox into the plan. Otherwise, find a storage spot big enough to hold what you’ll need for a day or two that’s convenient to the fireplace or woodstove and easy to clean out. Recycle an old steamer trunk or wooden crate if you’d prefer to store firewood out of sight, or make it a rustic focal point in a repurposed bookshelf or cabinet.

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