Bob Vila Radio: Grill Maintenance

Keep your grill running smoothly this season by doing a few key maintenance checks.


Listen to BOB VILA ON GRILL MAINTENANCE, or read text below:

Test for leaks in the gas hose and connectors by brushing on some dish soap mixed with a little water. Turn on the gas but don’t light the grill. If you see bubbles forming, gas is leaking. Replace those parts to avoid the risk of a dangerous explosion.

Remove the cooking grates and the metal plates over the burners and clean them at least once a season. If your grill has a weak orange or yellow flame instead of a blue one, brush out the Venturi tubes and adjust the shutters if necessary. Your grill’s burners may be shaped like a bow tie, an H or an oval. Remove them, clean or replace them, and make sure all their ports are clear for an even flame.

Change the batteries in your igniter, or clean and check the ignition point. If you need to replace the igniter or any other part, check with your dealer or the manufacturer’s website.

Happy Grilling!

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