Bob Vila Radio: Lumens vs. Watts

During our long experience with incandescent light bulbs, we got used to thinking about light in terms of wattage. But the amount of light produced by a light bulb is actually measured in lumens, not watts.




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And these days, you can get the same number of lumens from a 15-watt bulb that you used to get from those old 100-watt energy hogs. Replacing your old bulbs with new energy-efficient ones can save energy, which means saving money. They last longer than incandescents, which means fewer trips up the ladder to replace them. And they’re good for the planet, too.

The best news of all is that there are lots of new choices in energy-efficient bulbs. In addition to those spiral compact fluorescents you can choose LED bulbs that look a lot like traditional bulbs.

Some can even be used with dimmer switches. Look for the Energy Star label on the package. The package will also tell you how many watts the bulb actually uses, along with the wattage it can replace.

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