Bob Vila Radio: Return on Investment

Keeping up with the Joneses can actually be a good rule of thumb if you’re planning to sell your house within the next five years.

Return on Investment



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Take a look around your neighborhood before you remodel anything. If it’s rife with granite and stainless gourmet kitchens, bringing yours up to speed makes sense. If homes are more modest in your area, a simple upgrade to your appliances, flooring and countertops might be more prudent.

New bathrooms always boost your home’s value, especially master baths. Beware of super-fancy or trendy fixtures that can date quickly, though.

Studies have shown that paint has the highest return on investment, and new siding, windows and decks all boost value. But unless you plan to stay in your house for 10 years, skip the high-end landscaping and the hot tub!

Before you “bump out” for more living space, look to existing areas that are underused. finishing your attic or basement costs less per square foot and will make the rest of your house more energy-efficient:  that sells, too.

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