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Nostalgic for Grandma’s Vintage Ceramic Christmas Tree? 10 Versions You Can Still Buy

Find the best ceramic or porcelain tree to bring back treasured memories and deck the halls for a joyful holiday season.
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ceramic chirstmas tree

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Christmas is such an exciting time of the year. You have the opportunity to create new memories with your family and share old traditions. Thinking about old traditions may make you feel nostalgic for the vintage ceramic Christmas tree that your mom, grandmother, or another family member put out each year. If so, you’ll be happy to hear that vintage Christmas ceramics are making a comeback. Continue reading to discover some vintage-inspired ceramic trees, along with a few modern twists to the retro design, that could make the perfect addition to your holiday decor this year.

1. Classic Design

ceramic christmas tree

If you’re looking for vintage ceramic Christmas trees, this classic-inspired green tree may be for you. The 16-inch tree features colorful bulbs that add a soft glow to your Christmas decor. A gorgeous clear star sits atop the tree to complete the look and add more light to your space.

Get the Christmas is Forever Lighted Tabletop Ceramic Tree at Amazon for $54.95

2. Modern Twist

ceramic christmas tree

For a modern twist on the vintage look, consider these ceramic Christmas trees. The trees feature a smooth and sleek design with triangular holes to let the light from a tea light shine through. Choose from small (5.2 inches tall), medium (5.3 inches tall), and large (6.8 inches tall), or display all three sizes together to create a beautiful winter scene.

Get the Ceramic Christmas Trees at West Elm starting at $20.00

3. Slim Tree

slim ceramic christmas tree decoration

This tall and slim pine tree may be the missing piece to complete your Christmas decorations. The handmade, 11-inch tree features colorful, mini twinkling pin lights to add warmth to a holiday display. A small, detachable, yellow star is also included to light up the top of the tree.

Get the Slim Snowy Pine Ceramic Christmas Tree at Etsy for $64.20

4. Blue Christmas

ceramic christmas tree

Your ‘blue Christmas’ won’t be sad with this ceramic Christmas tree with lights. The 24-inch tall, royal blue ceramic tree features snow-capped branches, mini colorful lights, and a bright yellow star. Simply plug in the cord and turn on the switch to light up the tree.

Get the Mr. Christmas 24-Inch Plug-In Royal Blue Tree at QVC for $150.00

5. Flowing Lava Tree

ceramic christmas tree

Think outside the box with this creative take on a vintage design. This 19.75-inch lighted ceramic Christmas tree offers an unusual flowing lava design with a metallic amethyst finish. Mini white and purple lights and a purple star adorn the tree and produce a soft glow when turned on.

Get the Ceramic Lava Christmas Tree at Etsy for $100.00

6. White with Lights

ceramic christmas tree

This 5-inch ceramic light-up Christmas tree can be a sweet accent in a modern Christmas display. The tree features a clean, smooth white glaze with mini round LED lights on the branches. The pink, purple, red, orange, green, and blue lights add a nice contrast against the white background of the tree to add a cheery feel to your holiday decor.

Get the Mini Vintage Ceramic Christmas Tree at Crate and Barrel for $9.95

7. Shiny Metallic Tree

ceramic christmas tree

Create a dazzling holiday display with this metallic ceramic tree that reflects the light from its colorful bulbs and 7-point red star. This tree only requires three AA batteries, so you don’t need to worry about plugs or candles. You can even select the ‘auto mode’ where the tree will remain on for six hours and turn off for 18 hours every day.

Get the Champagne Ceramic Christmas Tree at Wayfair for $24.27

8. Hand-Painted Vintage Style

ceramic christmas tree

Decorate without worrying about cords with this battery-powered ceramic Christmas tree. The 15-inch tree features durable, fireproof, and wear-resistant craftsmanship to ensure lasting quality. A yellow 7-point star and 66 multicolored bulbs provide a shimmery glow to complete the look for this hand-painted ceramic tree.

Get the Prelit Hand-Painted Ceramic Tabletop Christmas Tree at Wayfair for $59.99

9. Pretty in Pink

ceramic christmas tree

Want to find a ceramic tree that can serve as the star of your Christmas decorations?  Try this mid-size, 18-inch vintage ceramic Christmas tree. The tree comes in a gorgeous pink color and can serve as a table centerpiece, mantle decoration, and more. LED lights and an illuminated yellow star are also integrated into the tree’s design.

Get the Mr. Christmas 24-Inch Plug-In Pink Tree at Amazon for $81.99

10. White Tabletop Tree

ceramic christmas tree

Make this glossy white ceramic tree the centerpiece for your holiday entertaining this year. The vintage tree features a glossy white finish with white light-up bulbs and a white star. Despite its smaller 6.75-inch height, this tree is sure to add a healthy dose of holiday cheer to your space.

Get the Milltown Merchants Ceramic Christmas Tree at Amazon for $17.59

The prices listed here are accurate as of publication on 11/15/21.