11 Clever, Renter-Friendly Ways to Use Command Hooks

Decorating, organizing, and tidying, all without ruining your walls or doors: These solutions are proof positive that there's not much you can't do with the stick-'em-up hooks.
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Whether you’re living in a rental and are forbidden from drilling holes in walls, or you’re a homeowner experimenting with new ways to decorate and organize, Command hooks are a terrific solution. The adhesives are easy to install, remove, and reposition, and won’t damage your walls in the process. Discover how these inexpensive, versatile tools can help you tidy up your kitchen, organize your garage workspace, or add decorative touches to your living areas.

1. Hang Up Your Curtains

Hanging curtains with command strips
Photo: thehomesihavemade.com

Whether you’re on the lookout for a quick and easy window dressing, or you’re a renter who isn’t permitted to put holes in the walls, this idea is a lifesaver. Simply adhere two Command hooks over the window in place of screwed-in hardware, after first checking that the hooks can hold the weight of your curtains. When you need a change, you can simply remove the hooks with zero damage to your walls.

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2. Stow Bulky Kitchen Gear

Kitchen utensils hanging on command hooks
Photo: Shabby Creek Cottage

To maintain your kitchen’s sleek appearance, it’s a good idea to keep everyday necessities like dishrags and scrub brushes within reach but out of sight. Shabby Creek Cottage blogger Gina uses her hooks to hang her strainers on the tile wall in an effort to avoid drilling holes. She notes, however, that you’ll get the best hold if you avoid adhering the hooks over grout lines.

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3. Conceal Your Cookware Lids

Pot lids hanging on command hooks
Photo: www.thekrazycouponlady.com

On the quest to store cookware in the most space-efficient way possible, lids can be an irritating obstacle. To keep them from interfering with your tidy, Tetris-like arrangement of pots and pans, try this inexpensive and easy trick. Using the Command hooks, secure your lids to the inside of your kitchen cabinet doors. When the doors are closed, the lids stay out of sight. When the doors are open, the lids are right where you want them.

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4. Untangle Your Jewelry

Jewelry hanging on command hooks
Photo: Kathleen Corlett for Bob Vila

When you’re getting ready for your day, nothing sabotages your morning like tangled jewelry or unkempt neckties. Why not create a slim-line organizational solution entirely out of Command hooks? When attached to the inside of a closet door, the stick-on hooks can keep necklaces easily accessible without being on display. Experiment with hooks of different sizes to store everything from belts and ties to baseball caps.

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5. Build Your Own Charging Station

Using command hooks to organize charging statsion
Photo: bobvila.com

Tired of tripping over your cellphone as it’s charging? Keep your phone off the floor and out of harm’s way with a few strategically placed Command hooks. Affix two hooks next to your desired outlet, place your phone along both hooks and voilà! You’ve got a brand-new DIY charging station.

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6. Tidy Up Your Cords

Command hooks tidying up cords
Photo: homedepot.com

Are you sick of seeing cords dangling sloppily behind furniture? There’s a surprisingly simple solution: Stick clear Command hooks along the back edge of a table or desk, and slip any cord through them to guide it along your furniture.

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7. Organize the Kids’ Rooms

Command hooks used to hang backpacks in kid's room
Photo: command.com

With the ever-changing needs of growing kids, Command hooks are a flexible solution that adapt to evolving storage requirements. They can be easily mounted on walls, doors, or the back of furniture to provide a clutter-free space for backpacks, clothes, hats, supplies, and even sports equipment.

8. Maximize Space in the Garage or Workshop

Two Quick Grip Tools Hanging from command Hooks in Garage
Photo: Daryna Tobey for Bob Vila

Looking to tidy up the garage? Command hooks can help! Their strong adhesive backing allows for easy installation on various surfaces, making them perfect for organizing tools, sports equipment, and other garage essentials. Some Command hooks are strong enough to hang brooms, rakes, shovels, and even bicycles, keeping them off the floor and maximizing floor space.

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9. Display Your Favorite Plants

Plants hanging on command hooks
Photo: command.com

Whether you want to showcase trailing vines, vibrant flowers, or a collection of herbs, Command hooks’ strong adhesive backing can hold lightweight pots and planters, allowing you to create an eye-catching indoor garden without the need for drilling or wall damage.

10. Keep Shower Essentials Tidy

Shower accessories hanging from shower by command hooks
Photo: Walmart.com

With their water-resistant adhesive backing, Command hooks can be securely mounted on shower walls (or the inside of cabinets) providing a convenient place to hang loofahs, shower caps, razors, and even towels. You can keep all your essentials within easy reach—and won’t have to jump out mid-shower to retrieve a forgotten necessity.

11. Display Wall Art

Command hooks hanging pictures
Photo: homedepot.com

Show off your favorite art with ease with Command hooks. Their strong adhesive backing can securely hold frames and artwork of various sizes and weights. Unlike traditional methods that require drilling holes or using nails, Command hooks offer the flexibility to easily reposition or remove artwork without leaving any marks or damage on the walls.

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