DIY Repurposing

5 Things to Do with… Old Bicycles

DIY Old Bicycles - Planter

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The old adage goes, “It’s like riding a bike.” Meaning of course that cycling becomes so integrated into your muscle memory that you never lose the skill. So why not integrate bicycles into your home as well?

There are all kinds of broken bikes available in classifieds and at garage sales—perhaps you even have one in your garage already. Also, many cities have bicycle repair co-ops and recycling centers that make parts quite easy to come by.

With so many components (wheels, gears, handle bars, etc.) so readily available and affordable (if not free), old bicycles are great fodder for making all sorts of recycled projects.


First up, take some inspiration from this bicycle planter, which you could purchase from Pottery Barn (for $250; it’s still available). But you, good reader, are the kind of person that makes stuff, and you could easily recreate something like this at home using an old bike, some inexpensive wire baskets, and a little paint.


Bicycles DIY

The radial spoke structure of a bicycle wheel makes for a fantastic way to organize and store your pots and pans and other kitchen gadgets. The spinning wheel brings all the utensils within easy reach. Get the full how-to from ReadyMade.


DIY Old Bicycles - Vanity

Talk about full integration. This bicycle ‘vanity’ from designer Benjamin Bullins houses a sink and small countertop—as well as towel storage in the basket. Genius. Learn more at Apartment Therapy.


DIY Old Bicycle - Lazy Susan

The bike wheel’s center axle allows it to spin along a road, but it can also spin other kinds of goodies… like your breakfast? This Lazy Susan project would require a somewhat large dining table, but if you’re looking for something functional to break up that large space, this one is all kinds of fun.


DIY Old Bicycles - Mounting Rack

Lastly, what better way to use old bike parts than for storing… a bike? Inexpensive and secure, this solution would work especially well in a smaller home or apartment, or as a way of keeping multiple bikes aloft on a garage wall. A project guide is available from Kyle Wilson.

Ride on!

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