9 Products to Help You Corral Your Garden Veggies

Give your homegrown produce plenty of support and the freedom to reach new heights with quality trellises, stakes, cages, and more.

By Gretchen Heber | Published Mar 30, 2022 6:10 PM

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 9 Products to Help You Corral Your Garden Veggies

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Close your eyes and imagine the unparalleled sweetness of a homegrown tomato. Now picture that plump, juicy tomato out of the reach of ground-dwelling pests and happily supported by clever apparatuses in your well-appointed and highly productive vegetable garden.

While vining vegetables will generally do OK if left to sprawl on the ground, the garden is a much tidier and more accessible place if these climbers are trained vertically. Getting the plants’ fruit off the ground often results in healthier bounty, too.

Check out these nine supporting products that will help give your plants every chance of producing a bountiful harvest.

1. Wood Obelisk

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Provide vining plants an elegant and refined structure on which to climb with this wood obelisk that’s crafted of durable acacia wood. At 5 feet tall, this attractive garden helper by Classic Home and Garden will provide plenty of space for your veggies to scamper up and offer an eye-catching centerpiece to the garden. Easy to assemble, it will be ready to accentuate the vegetable patch in no time at all.

Get the Classic Home and Garden Wood Obelisk on Amazon for $69.99

2. Square Folding Tomato Cages

9 Products to Help You Corral Your Garden Veggies

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Large, heavy tomatoes will be fully supported when grown on this cage from Amagabeli. With just 7 inches separating one horizontal bar from the next, vines have ample places to cling to as they climb ever higher on this 6-foot structure. At nearly 18 inches wide and constructed of heavy-gauge wire, the square folding tomato cage is solid and durable. True to its name, it folds flat into two pieces for convenient storage.

Get the Amagabeli Square Folding Tomato Cages on Amazon for $53.99

3. Green Expandable Pea Trellis

9 Products to Help You Corral Your Garden Veggies

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Align as many of these interlocking panels as you like, side by side, to create a stunning living wall of peas, cucumbers, climbing okra, or whatever climbing produce tickles your palate. Each dark green panel is 37 inches tall by 13 inches wide. The expandable pea trellis panels are made of steel wire with a rust-resistant powder coating for strength and durability. Included along with the panels are 328 feet of cuttable twist ties that aid in securing vines to the trellis. A 5-foot-tall version is also available.

Get the CEED4U Green Expandable Pea Trellis on Amazon for $55.99

4. Bamboo Cane Holder

9 Products to Help You Corral Your Garden Veggies

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Many vegetable gardeners have ample quantities of bamboo cane at hand and appreciate the organic, natural vibe these tall, slim stalks add to the garden. Bringing together those pieces of bamboo, these bamboo cane holders by Magic&Shell are clever grip support caps that allow horticulturists to quickly and easily assemble a conically shaped support on which vining plants can grow. Each of the three caps is 5¼ inches in diameter and accommodates 12 canes for plenty of stability.

Get the Magic&Shell Bamboo Cane Holder on Amazon for $7.99

5. Squash Tunnel

Squash and melon plants tend to be space hogs that sprawl all over your garden if given free rein. Train them to grow up the steel-framed squash tunnel, however, and they will be out of the way and—bonus!—create an attractive garden focal point that also provides shade. The support is 80 inches tall, 65 inches wide at the base, and 63 inches long. The steel tubing is coated with polyethylene to prevent rust and decay, and nylon netting provides additional support.

Get the Titan Squash Tunnel at Gardener’s Supply Company for $99.95

6. Garden Cucumber Trellis

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Four steel panels come together to form this cucumber trellis made of rust-resistant galvanized steel. Each panel is 27.6 inches by 35.4 inches, and gardeners can assemble the panels in a number of custom configurations. Along with the panels, shoppers purchasing the garden cucumber trellis receive eight metal twist screws, 10 plant support clips, and a pair of gloves. Panels can be folded together for off-season storage.

Get the GOLETIO Garden Cucumber Trellis on Amazon for $54.99

7. VELCRO Garden Ties

9 Products to Help You Corral Your Garden Veggies

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Wondrous VELCRO has made life easier in so many ways, and it’s not surprising to find it in the garden as well. Secure stems and stalks to supports, bundle whatever needs bundling; gardeners will find a million uses for this 30-foot by ½-inch roll of green ONE-WRAP Garden Ties, which can be snipped to whatever length is needed. The soft side won’t scratch or damage plants, and the weather-resistant tape is reusable.

Get the VELCRO ONE-WRAP Garden Ties on Amazon for $6.72

8. Eco-Friendly 8-Foot Fiberglass Garden Stakes

9 Products to Help You Corral Your Garden Veggies

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Extra-tall stakes means there’s sufficient length to plunge these eco-friendly 8-foot fiberglass garden stakes firmly in the ground while leaving plenty of height above ground to support tall-climbing plants. Made of fiberglass, these stakes are durable and strong, and they won’t rust. The stakes, which come in a pack of 10, have a ribbed surface to give plants something to grip.

Get the Galen Panamerica Eco-Friendly 8-Foot Fiberglass Garden Stakes on Amazon for $79.99

9. Original Twig Natural-Looking Supports

9 Products to Help You Corral Your Garden Veggies

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Shorter-growing plants that need support might benefit from these natural-looking stakes that are 22 inches tall. Designed to blend in with the natural environment, these structures are a brownish-greenish-grayish color and mimic twigs with their branching supports. Made of a UV-protected polymer, the Original Twig Natural-Looking Supports should last for many years and can be cut with garden shears if they need to be resized.

Get a 10-pack of the Twigs Garden Accessories Original Twig Natural-Looking Supports on Amazon for $29.99

The prices listed here are accurate as of publication on March 30, 2022.