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Don’t Want to Do It Yourself? Here’s How Much Its Costs to Install Cabinet Hardware

Carefully selected knobs and pulls can add the perfect pop of design to freshly updated cabinets. The cost to install cabinet hardware averages $300, but some homeowners spend between $100 and $10,000 to achieve the ideal look.
Cost to Install Cabinet Hardware

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  • The typical cost range to install cabinet hardware is from $100 to $10,000, with a national average cost of $300.
  • Some of the main factors that affect the cost of installing cabinet hardware include the room size, the hardware style and material, the cost of labor, and the cost of refinishing the cabinets.
  • A handy homeowner may be more than capable of installing new cabinet hardware themselves, but hiring a professional ensures that the job will be done correctly and without damage to the cabinets.

Cabinets keep food, dishware, cookware, cleaning supplies, miscellaneous tools, and sundry other items organized and hidden from view. Over time, even a great-looking set of cabinets can wear out or fall out of style. Outdated cabinets can dampen the appearance of a kitchen or bathroom, especially if the hardware is worn out or broken. Homeowners have several options to refresh the look of their cabinets, but one of the most important is installing cabinet hardware that matches the aesthetic of the home and functions properly. While some homeowners prefer cabinets without knobs or pulls, most choose to install kitchen cabinets with hardware for convenience and style.

The cost to install cabinet hardware has a wide price range from $100 to $10,000, according to Angi. The average is just $300, which easily covers cheap cabinet hardware or smaller kitchens and bathrooms. The higher end of the price range includes ornate hardware that’s carefully selected to accent the home’s other interior design elements. Installing cabinet hardware is also more expensive when homeowners have extensive kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, and other storage cabinets that they want to update.

Cost to Install Cabinet Hardware

Factors in Calculating the Cost to Install Cabinet Hardware 

The cost to install cabinet hardware is different from the cost to reface cabinets and the cost to update kitchen cabinets. Several factors will influence the final cost to install cabinet hardware, from the size of the room to the cabinet hardware style and labor fees. Homeowners often look at refinishing cabinets at the same time to ensure a fully refreshed appearance. They can shop around for one of the best cabinet hardware styles to suit their preferences.

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Room Size

The size of the room is important to consider since a half bathroom is much smaller than a kitchen. This means that the number of cabinets in the room will be vastly different too, depending on the size of the room. Even some laundry rooms are larger and may have more cabinets than a bathroom yet fewer than a small kitchen. Bathroom cabinet hardware can be the same style as kitchen cabinet hardware, though an installer may have recommendations about whether a certain material is suitable for a moist environment like a bathroom.

A typical price range for a pro to fully install new cabinet hardware in an average-size kitchen is $120 to $2,400. Most cabinet hardware hinges and handles average $2 to $50 each, so homeowners can do some quick calculations based on the number of cabinets they want to update. In general, 20 to 40 pieces of hardware will be enough to upgrade a 200-square-foot kitchen.

Hardware Material

A primary cost factor is the type of hardware material. Traditional ceramic, stainless steel, resin, and wood are among the least expensive materials, while brass, bronze, copper, and crystal have higher-than-average prices. For example, ceramic starts at $1 per item and maxes out at $15 on average, while bronze starts at $10 per item and caps at $200. The homeowner’s budget and design preferences will dictate the final price of the available cabinet hardware options before labor is added.

Hardware Style

Installers refer to the shape of the cabinet handles when talking about the hardware style. Cabinet handles come in traditional round or oval shapes in addition to squares, lines, and novel shapes that can be whimsical or ornately elegant. Unique cabinet hardware, such as glass mosaics or smooth stones, offers some of the fun options homeowners have when considering cabinet hardware styles to upgrade a kitchen.

Different styles come with a variety of material options, so square brushed gold cabinet hardware will have a different price point than a square resin cabinet handle. The more ornate or unusual the style, the higher the price. If a homeowner has a generous budget, they could ask about custom designs or antique handles, which often start at $500 each.


The average cost to install cabinet hardware is largely dependent on local labor rates. These rates will vary by geographic location and are usually higher in urban areas than rural, though demand may also influence the price in any location. For the most accurate quote, homeowners can search for “cabinet hardware stores near me” to find cabinetmakers and stores that can refer them to qualified installers.

The labor cost to install cabinet hardware averages $5 to $30 per piece if a cabinet installer is hired to do the job. Handymen may charge a similar rate, or they may charge $50 to $100 per hour. In the last case, homeowners will want to ensure the quote clearly defines the scope of work and estimated hours for completion. If homeowners are doing more than just hardware updates, then estimates for cabinet refinishing costs or kitchen remodeling costs will typically include the hardware as a separate line item.

Cabinet Refinishing

It’s common to schedule refinishing or refacing cabinets at the same time as updating hardware for cabinets. Homeowners are often keen to freshen the look of their kitchen or bathroom cabinets, which is why they’ll hire a pro to help them update and repair outdated cabinetry. Refinishing cabinets costs an average of $2,975, while refacing them costs around $7,220. Alternatively, homeowners can look at hiring one of the best cabinet painters to simply change the color scheme of their cabinets.

Both are cheaper options than fully remodeling the kitchen, but it’s best to have a cabinet installer take a look at the existing cabinets to determine whether refinishing or refacing is the better option. Bathroom cabinets often need refinishing or replacing if the wrong material was used initially and has been damaged by excess water and moisture. Sometimes this leads homeowners to consider budgeting for bathroom remodeling costs since there’s a high return on investment (ROI) for updating an outdated, leaky bathroom.

According to Abigail Baker, senior vice president of marketing at BELFOR Franchise Group, which owns N-Hance Wood Refinishing, “If you have old cabinets with hinges that are visible from the exterior there may be some additional drilling and modification required to install new soft close hinges. Additionally, if you are replacing current knobs and pulls and the existing holes do not match with the new hardware, then some repair work on the cabinetry may be necessary.”

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Cost to Install Cabinet Hardware by Type of Material

Homeowners have numerous options when it comes to bathroom or kitchen hardware for cabinets. The average price to install cabinet hardware will largely depend on the type of material selected. Basic ceramic and resin handles have an average cost, but ornate crystal and bronze styles will push the final price much higher. Homeowners can search for “cabinet supplies near me” to find stores with an array of samples to explore for modern cabinet hardware or more traditional styles.

“A good rule of thumb is to choose a hardware color that complements other fixtures in the room, like your faucet and appliances,” says Baker. “Also, it’s very important to hold up the hardware against your cabinets to make sure you like the look, feel, and size before committing to putting holes in your cabinets. If you don’t have two people for this project, you can use double-sided tape to temporarily place the hardware to see how the pieces will look mounted.”

Type of MaterialAverage Cost (Materials Only)
Brass$5 to $200
Bronze$10 to $200
Ceramic$1 to $5
Copper$5 to $200
Crystal$3 to $75
Glass$3 to $25
Iron$1 to $200
Plastic$1 to $5
Resin$3 to $10
Stainless steel$4 to $32
Stone$3 to $50
Wood$1 to $10
Zinc alloy$5 to $100


Many home designs still work well with brass hardware, and it can suit both vintage and modern looks depending on the exact design. Brass is also naturally antimicrobial, which is an advantage for both bathrooms and kitchens. Homeowners can expect to pay between $5 and $200 for each piece of brass hardware.


A timeless choice, bronze is still a popular option for many homes since it comes in a few different shades. The darker oil-rubbed bronze works well with Tuscan-inspired and farmhouse kitchen cabinets, and each piece costs about $10 to $200.


For a less-expensive option, homeowners can opt for ceramic cabinet hardware at $1 to $15 each. It’s a versatile material that has numerous colors, shapes, styles, and designs to suit almost any aesthetic.


Copper is another naturally antimicrobial material that offers discerning homeowners that extra touch of character they’re looking for on their updated cabinets. Each piece of copper cabinet hardware will cost about $5 to $200.


Coming in with a lower price point than may be expected, crystal is an elegant type of hardware that will elevate the appearance of kitchen and bathroom cabinets almost effortlessly. Crystal hardware is priced at $3 to $75 each, and homeowners can apply it to contemporary, vintage, and modern cabinets alike.


Another timeless option that offers sleek elegance is glass. Homeowners can add glass cabinet knobs and handles for $3 to $25 in their vintage, contemporary, or modern kitchen.


One of the most durable hardware options is iron. Ideal for industrial, modern, or farmhouse styles, iron cabinet hardware typically costs $1 to $200 apiece. Cast or wrought iron is easy to design into custom shapes and often comes in black or gold.


Another cost-effective but versatile choice is plastic. Homeowners will pay as little as $1 to $5 for each piece, but the material won’t be as durable as many other options. Still, plastic hardware is available in many shapes, styles, and colors, which can help cost-conscious homeowners achieve a fresh look without breaking the bank.


Some homeowners like the character of resin cabinet hardware, which comes in many options, such as clear, glittered, or filled with stones or glass. Most mosaic hardware is finished with resin for a smooth, shiny finish. Resin is a great option for traditional, colorful, or vintage cabinets and cost $3 to $10 per piece.

Stainless Steel

Industrial, modern, and art deco kitchens are ideal design styles for stainless steel cabinet hardware. At $4 to $32 per piece, stainless steel hardware has an average price point but comes with extra durability that resists fire, heat, and corrosion damage.


For a more natural look and a touch of warmth, many homeowners like using stone handles and knobs on their cabinets. Options include shiny gems or rough stones in many different hues that allow for a mix-and-match design. Stone hardware averages $3 to $50 per item.


Wood hardware is another low-cost option at $1 to $10 each. This option comes in a variety of styles, colors, and types of woods. Wood hardware can also have gems or metals added for a unique look.

Zinc Alloy

Homeowners who prefer durable hardware that resists corrosion may be interested in zinc alloy. With a cost of $5 to $100 each, zinc alloy hardware is a popular option that’s made in many styles, colors, and sizes to suit a variety of design preferences. It’s also a great choice for unique designs since it can be cast into almost any shape.

Cost to Install Cabinet Hardware

Installing Cabinet Hardware: DIY vs. Hiring a Professional 

While it may seem fairly simple to swap out old hardware for new, the reality is that cabinet hardware installation is trickier than expected, which many homeowners find out the hard way. The easiest task is to remove and install new kitchen cabinet door handles if the screws are in the same position, but that’s often not the case. So unless the homeowner is an experienced DIYer, they often find themselves accidentally damaging cabinets or hanging the doors askew.

Baker explains that liability and time savings are the top two reasons for a homeowner to hire a pro to install their cabinet hardware. “If you drill the hole incorrectly or not perfectly symmetrically, then it’s up to you to find someone to repair those cabinets, and that can be very costly,” she says. In the unlikely case a professional makes such a mistake, their insurance will cover the repair. Baker adds that “[For] a first timer, this [project] could take 5 to 10 hours, even with a fancy jig.” Hiring a professional cabinet installer may increase the cost to install cabinet hardware, but it will yield an efficient, quality result.

If homeowners are interested in taking on the cost of installing pullout shelves in their kitchen cabinets, they’ll appreciate the expertise of a pro, who will know the tricks to installing sliding cabinet door hardware. The last thing a homeowner wants is to have a crooked drawer of dishes that slides every time it’s pulled out. Hiring the help of local cabinetmakers or using any of the best kitchen remodeling companies or best bathroom remodeling companies can help homeowners achieve the quality outcome they’re seeking.

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How to Save Money on the Cost to Install Cabinet Hardware

Installing cabinet handles is a great way to quickly update the look of cabinetry that is still in good condition. But oftentimes, homeowners want to refinish their cabinets completely, which can increase the final cost. In either case, saving money where possible can help homeowners stick to their budget.

  • DIY cabinet door removal. If the homeowner has the tools and expertise to remove their cabinets without damaging them, they can remove the doors and handles themselves. This can save on labor costs since the installer can get right to work.
  • Shop around. Taking the time to look for the right style of cabinet hardware from local and online retailers means homeowners may find a deal during a seasonal sale. Searching for “cabinet hardware near me” may yield local store results that homeowners weren’t previously aware of.
  • Obtain multiple quotes. Homeowners are encouraged to speak with at least three reputable companies or handymen to find the right price and value for the job.
  • Choose lower-cost hardware. While bronze and iron may look appealing, their cost is often beyond the average budget. Homeowners can keep costs lower if they consult with a pro about cheaper options that still give the look they’re hoping for.
  • Match hardware holes. If the budget is tight, homeowners can save a little more money by choosing hardware that matches the existing holes. This reduces the installation time and the risk of damaging cabinets and doors.
  • Measure carefully. Homeowners and installers will need to measure carefully to ensure the new style of handles, pulls, and hardware fits. Sometimes new pieces are larger than expected and cause overlapping issues when adjoining drawers and doors are opened. Repairing this kind of mistake can be costly if it’s not caught early.

Questions to Ask About Installing Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet hardware installation is a more delicate process than expected, so homeowners are encouraged to ask lots of questions to ensure they’re comfortable with the process and the installation company.

  • How long have you done cabinet hardware installations?
  • Do you have references and a portfolio?
  • Do you charge by the piece or by the hour?
  • Can you provide a line item quote?
  • Will you inspect my existing cabinets for free first?
  • If I hire you to refinish my cabinets, will that lower the cost of the hardware installation?
  • Are there types of hardware that you would not recommend for my kitchen or bathroom?
  • What’s the cheapest way to install new hardware but still achieve the look I want?
  • How much would it cost to install sliding cabinet door hardware and drawers?
  • Is it helpful if I remove all the doors before you begin?
  • How long will it take to install new hardware?
  • Do you offer any guarantees on your work?


Curious homeowners may still have questions about the cost to install cabinet hardware or about the process in general. The answers to many common questions provide insights that will help homeowners feel more confident about this project.

Q. Is it hard to change hardware on cabinets?

It depends on the experience level of the homeowner and the tools they have available. Removing old hardware is best done with a power drill and sometimes a Phillips screwdriver. Once the new hardware is selected, homeowners will need to measure and level carefully to position the hardware in perfect alignment. New holes may need to be drilled before installation. This can be a daunting task for an inexperienced DIYer, so hiring a professional is the best investment.

Q. What is the most common size of cabinet hardware?

Assuming that the cabinets are the standard 12 to 36 inches wide, most pull handles are 3 or 4 inches from one screw to the other. This may not account for any overhang that goes beyond each screw’s position. Pulls can be aligned vertically or horizontally and may come as T-bars or bar pulls. Knobs are usually 1¼ inch or 1⅜ inch wide.

Q. How long does it take to install new cabinet hardware?

A pro installer can get new cabinet hardware installed in 3 or less hours for most average-size kitchens. It can take a DIYer several more hours if they’re unfamiliar with measuring and drilling new holes.

According to Baker, “Installing hardware (knobs or pulls) can take 1 to 3 hours for a professional depending on the number of doors and drawers. Another variable that affects that timeline is the type of hardware you choose. Knobs are much simpler to install than pulls. Installing hinges is a completely different timeline depending on the retrofit with existing hinges.”

Q. What is the most popular cabinet hardware?

Trends often shift with design styles, yet some styles seem to last the test of time. Each type of cabinet hardware may be popular at different times, so the most important factor for homeowners to consider is whether the hardware they’ve selected suits the home’s design and is easy to use. With hundreds of hardware options available, homeowners have a wide range of choices to find what’s aesthetically suitable for their kitchen or bathroom yet functional as well.

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