DIY Coffee Table with Toy Storage

Look no further for double duty furniture that serves both kids and grown ups with style.

By Kim Six Fix | Updated Jul 30, 2015 6:43 PM

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DIY Coffee table with toy storage

This unassuming coffee table has a hidden secret: underneath the top it stores a toy train set and a lego building station. When Kim from The Kim Six Fix spotted this fantastic furniture plan on the internet, she set out to make her own—with a few modifications, of course. Read on to see how she made a multi-purpose table that works for her young family.

DIY train table


– Plywood
– 1 x 6 boards
– 1 x 3 board
– Screws
– Finish nails
– 1 x 2 boards
– Cabinet pulls
– Wood glue
– Wood filler
– Paint
– Stain
– Gorilla Glue epoxy
– Lego plates
– Caulk
– Drill
– Nail gun
– Orbital sander
– Foam roller
– Paintbrush

STEP 1 – 8

DIY Lego Table Step 1

Visit Ana White for the original tutorial and furniture plans.


I didn’t split the plywood down the center as the original tutorial suggests because I wanted to use one side as a LEGO table. I just drilled 1-inch holes in each end to make it easier to remove. (You would NEVER get it out without the holes.)


To finish it, I filled in all the holes with stainable wood filler. Then I caulked all the seams with my favorite color changing caulk. Seriously, this stuff is awesome! It changes from pink to white when it is dry so you can tell where you freshly caulked and what areas are cured.


DIY Coffee Table - priming

I stained the outer edge of the table first (so I could cover any drips with paint) and then I primed the bottom using a foam roller and an angled brush to reduce brush strokes. I stained the table top with some stain I found on clearance. By using a polyurethane/stain mix, I saved a step. I also used a wood conditioner on this plywood to get a more even stain.


DIY Train Table - wood trim

Then I divided the long sides into 6 equal sections by adding a short 1×2 to give it that trendy “apothecary drawer” look. Then added inexpensive black cabinet knobs. They were the cheapest ones I could find ($1.35 each) although if I wasn’t doing this on a budget I may have picked something fancier. I do think they make the table look great, especially considering that all 12 knobs only set me back about $17!


DIY Lego Table

I took advantage of the reversible inset by installing LEGO plates on one side. To attach the LEGO plates, I did my research into different adhesives and I settled on Gorilla Glue Epoxy. There is going to be a LOT of torque on the plates as the kids pull the blocks on and off and I needed something that was super strong.

Thanks, Kim! For more family friendly DIY, visit The Kim Six Fix.