DIY Mason Jar Solar Lamp

Country style meets eco-smarts in this spectacularly simple DIY mason jar solar lantern.

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When the words mason jar and solar lamp come together in the same sentence, I don’t care who you are—you get excited. Because this jar is awesome. And adorable. And did I mention you’re saving the planet too? So get excited, yo.

Mason Jar Solar Lamp - Banner

This is a great project for people with minimal crafty skills, (like me). Once you wrap wire around it and hang it in your yard, you don’t have to think about it ever again. Evening light + powered by the sun = awesome.

Mason Jar Solar Lamp - Complete


Let’s get to it, shall we?

Quart size widemouth mason jar
16gauge baling wire
Solarpowered mason lid

Mason Jar Solar Lamp - Lid


Cut a piece of wire to 12.5 inches. Wrap around the lip of the mason jar and loop together— but leave it loose.

Mason Jar Solar Lamp - Wire


Cut another piece of wire to 14 inches and loop the ends around the first wire.

Mason Jar Solar Lamp - Wire 2


After you’ve tightened both sides of your handle, you can go back and tighten the front loops on the first ring of wire.

Mason Jar Solar Lamp - Wire 3


Now all you need to do is put a battery in your LED solar light lid and screw that puppy on!

I have found that the solar lights need at least 6 hours of full sun to light up well at night. So as long as you hang them in a place where they can get recharged for half of the day, you’ll always have light in the evenings! After your initial investment in the supplies, it really is the gift that keeps giving. I’m thinking of placing these all around my outside table—can’t you just picture the amazing summer evenings with these to light our conversations with family and friends?

Mason Jar Solar Lamp - Night Detail


Thanks, Weed ‘Em And Reap!