5 Things to Do with… Tin Cans

By Jennifer Noonan | Updated Sep 1, 2015 12:15 PM

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Tin cans are like air—they’re all around us. Most families go through several cans each week, and some even use that many day in, day out. Instead of recycling every single one of those cans, put a few aside for some quick and easy DIY projects.



Tin Can Projects - Planters

Photo: deerdot.blogspot.com via dosfamily.com

Transform yesterday’s can of diced tomatoes into a colorful planter or vase—all you need to get the job done is spray paint. Use your creation to brighten a windowsill or to delight a friend, neighbor, or hostess with a gift from your garden. Really want to perk things up? Add stripes, polka dots, or stars!



Tin Can Projects - Lanters

Photo: growcreativeblog.com

Add some evening ambiance to your outdoor living area. These lanterns come together in no time: Just use a hammer and nail to punch holes in the cans, then paint their outsides in a pleasing pastel. (Or skip the paint; it’s your choice.) Once you’ve added wire handles and tea lights, get ready to light up the night.



tin can craft organizers

Photo: bhg.com

You can easily convert tin cans into charming storage containers by wrapping the cylinders with pretty paper. Punch a hole in the back of each decorated can, making it so they can all be hung via S-hooks onto pegboard. It’s a stylish and practical way to organize nuts and bolts, paintbrushes and colored pencils.



Tin Can Projects - Bird Feeder

Photo: plumadorable.com

Your kids would have a great time making this simple bird feeder. All you need is a dowel, a glue gun, some colorful paint, and a ribbon or string for hanging—oh, and birdseed! Hang the feeder in your favorite tree and sit back to watch the show.



Tin Can Projects - Wine Rack

Photo: brit.co

Tin cans and glue: It doesn’t get much more basic. Combine those two ingredients with a unifying color scheme, and you’ve suddenly got a DIY wine rack, plus another reason to buy wine!


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