9 Wildly Expensive Pieces of Furniture People Actually Buy

There are many reasons people invest in high-priced furniture. From statement pieces to those with long-term value, expensive furnishings can add a little something extra to a home.
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Jonothan Adler furnishings in a blush colored living room

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Furniture helps give a home personality. It’s a testament to your style and tells visitors a bit about the people who live there. Even though expensive doesn’t automatically translate to opulent or over-the-top, some pricy furniture can have an aesthetic that makes you look twice.

Sometimes expensive furniture indicates the quality and craftsmanship of the piece, making it worth the investment. The idea of what’s expensive really depends on the household budget, as what’s considered affordable furniture to one person may be outrageously priced to another.

Whether you’re gathering ideas for your next renovation project, love browsing luxury products, or looking for unforgettable furniture with an extravagant price tag, here are 12 expensive furnishings that can set your home apart.

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1. Jonathan Adler Aries Cocktail Table

product shot of cocktail table with glass top and base made of two turquoise translucent ram heads with long spiraling delicate horns

With the Jonathan Adler Aries Cocktail Table, you won’t have to tell anyone your astrological sign. The table features two vibrant blue acrylic rams heads holding up a tempered glass tabletop; this piece is simultaneously sleek and ostentatious—which can be a polarizing design combination—and comes with a price tag of $3,950. No matter your zodiac sign, this is a furnishing with personality and will definitely start a few conversations.

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2. Courturier King Canopy Bed


Sleep like royalty in this black wood and brass accent bed by Caracole at Horchow. The Courturier King Canopy Bed is handcrafted with solid wood and a white leather headboard. Coming in at $22,650, this bedroom upgrade doesn’t quite cost a king’s ransom, but almost.

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3. Valentina Credenza

a white and blond wood credenza by Arteriors

Soft and sophisticated, the Valentina Credenza is anything but ordinary. An alternative to a traditional console table, the $7,410 Valentina at Arteriors borrows inspiration from the shape of a cradle and translates it into a curving table design. With white lacquer doors with antique brass pulls on an oak base, this table offers modern textures with a midcentury nod.

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4. Beekman Cocktail Table

an ornate wooden coffee table by Ralph Lauren

The Ralph Lauren Beekman Cocktail Table is a depiction of elegance and affluence. This timeless piece can blend in with many types of traditional furniture and antiquities. Pricing at $11,475, the table is made from kiln-dried mahogany, handcrafted wood details, and a delicate wood filigree, but don’t even think about hosting a happy hour without coasters.

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5. Sottsass Ultrafragola Mirror

industrial looking sitting room with two white chairs flanking a large full length mirror with a bright pink frame

Though not considered furniture in the sense of substantial items like dining tables or office chairs, one could argue that certain types of mirrors can be classified as furnishings due to stature alone. The modern Sottsass Ultrafragola Mirror by designer Poltranova at Studio Paz is a spotlight seeker with a price tag of $19,000 that’s just as lavish. Wavy acrylic sides and neon lights make the piece stand out, and women’s sensuality inspires its design, so it’s an excellent topic of conversation, too.

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6. Rowland Leather Recliner

A camel brown leather Arhaus club chair recliner in a grey room

A leather recliner might be considered a classic piece in many homes. Though it doesn’t command attention like many of the other items on this list, this $4,899 chair at Arhaus can quickly become your favorite seat in the house. The Rowland Leather Recliner provides buttery-soft fabric in a high-back design and motion control buttons to help you find the right position. The cushions have flanged edges giving it a relaxed aesthetic that beckons you with the promise of comfort.

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7. Gin 90 Dining Fire Pit Table

an EcoSmart rectangular teak dining table with a fire pit along the center protected by a glass wall

The EcoSmart Gin 90 dining fire pit table is a conversation starter for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Available in teak or concrete finishes, the fire pit table can run with ethanol, natural gas, or liquid propane depending on whether it’s placed on the patio or in a dining room. The $6,595 price tag is higher than for a non-flammable table, but the impressive tablescape might be worth it.

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8. Single Man Deluxe Sofa

a tan sofa with rounded edges and a faux fur texture on arms with two velvet pillows

With its midcentury vibe and faux lamb fur arms and back, the Single Man Deluxe Sofa by Marie Burgos Collection is a piece for people who want individuality in their design. Available in several fabric textures, the sofa comes in three sizes ranging from 79 to 110 inches long and a starting price for the small sofa of $9,250.

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9. Togo Ligne Roset Fireside Chair

fireside chair with matching sofa near a retro fire in beige living room

The first impression of a Togo Ligne Roset Fireside Chair is that it’s probably not expensive, likely because it resembles a cozy bean bag chair with better support for your back. However, the price tag of $4,150 is thousands more than you would need to spend on a regular bean bag chair.

Under the unassuming design, three densities of foam aid in the chair’s ergonomics, and you can choose the exterior fabric to complement your home decor. This simple design is inviting and certainly an excellent chair for reading, watching movies, or even napping.

Prices accurate as of publication date June 2, 2023.