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10 Incredible Bedrooms That Will Give You Major Design Inspo

It’s time to turn your bedroom into the opulent oasis you’ve always dreamed of. Here are a few ideas to get you started.
bedroom decor inspiration

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A Sacred Space

The bedroom is that special place in your home where you can be your most authentic self, where you can savor the slowest of mornings and the sweetest of dreams. To do all this, your bedroom needs to be more than just attractive and comfortable—it has to nurture and inspire you. Your bedroom should energize you when you awake, soothe you as you fall asleep, and boost your spirits all day long. To create your perfect retreat, borrow some design ideas from this collection of incredible bedrooms, rife with luxe features like jaw-dropping views, calming hues, or bedding so cozy you’ll want to wrap yourself up in it no matter the time of day.

Natural Luxury

Can’t decide between glam or boho? This bedroom proves you can have both! In a nod to the room’s sylvan aesthetic, crystals drip from the tangled branches of a twinkly, luxurious chandelier. The gorgeous palm leaf wallpaper and an arrangement of pampas grass tucked in a modern vase up the outdoors vibe even more.

Sleepy Skyline

A bedroom with a view is the ultimate luxury. Looking out on a cityscape that’s like an ever-changing work of art, this bedroom needs little more than crisp white sheets and an assortment of plants to create a vital yet calming retreat.

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On the Water

It’s hard to imagine, but just a few decades ago waterbeds were a $2-billion-a-year industry! But who needs to sleep on a wobbly, watery mattress when you can repose in stable comfort while looking out at an endless ocean view?

Bold and Gold

Nothing says bold in the bedroom quite like a four-poster, particularly one that’s surrounded by metal accents in a rich gold hue. This modern take on a canopy bed suits all sorts of styles, bohemian or modern, rustic or glam.

Moody Alcove

If you’ve been looking for a way to transform your bedroom into a magical and moody escape, you’ll find your inspo right here. The dark backdrop of this dramatic, ornate sanctuary provides a canvas for patterns of varying greens from floor to ceiling, accented by dusty rose and sultry velvets.

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Grounded Grandeur

This room has it all! Large, black-framed windows contrast sharply with the stark walls. A white-washed stone fireplace adds texture and grounds the space, while a massive basket pendant light—stunner of all stunners—serves as a striking focal point. A chunky, oversize knit throw injects a cozy touch.

Tiny Jungalow

A small room may not allow for a lot of furniture, but when you look up, you may find that you have much more space to play with. This little jungalow makes great use of its vertical space, and of the houseplant trend, by hanging a dreamy canopy of verdant greenery above the bed.

Pink Clouds

Awash in soft textures and hues, this alluring hideaway looks like a feminine paradise. Floor-to-ceiling fur adds indulgent warmth and luxury, and the soothing combination of white and pale pink throughout sets a heavenly tone. And you can’t go wrong with a hanging egg chair!

Greenhouse Getaway

If you’re working with an open-concept space, define a cozier sleeping area with a beautiful glass door. The result is reminiscent of a greenhouse, but with a unique melding of an industrial and natural aesthetic.

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Swathed in Splendor

Sleep like a king (or queen) nestled in the epitome of extravagant luxury: a crisply made bed with perfectly placed pillows and an over-the-top carved headboard. This bedroom design combines modern elegance with rustic farmhouse touches for an effect that is nothing less than regal.