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Genius! The Foldaway Fix for a Clunky TV

If you need your Netflix but hate the look of your turned-off TV, try this out-of-the-box solution to transform an old dresser, ottoman, or chest into a foldaway entertainment center.



Dedicated DIY-ers like Allison Allen know that fixing one design problem often causes another. When Allen, the blogger behind Deuce Cities Henhouse, fit her bed frame cozily in the far end of her narrow bedroom in order to regain floor space, the extra-long space meant that a television lining the wall opposite her seat in bed would be yards and yards away. Since she and her husband loved their late-night shows, the fix had to be functional and beautiful. Puzzling out the best placement for the TVwithout adding visual clutter to the calming space she’d worked so hard to create—was proving to be a problem.

Luckily, the solution was already in her bedroom, in the unlikely form of a beat-up credenza. Allen rejigged the cheap IKEA cabinet with a hinged top so that it could lift to reveal a TV for hours of entertainment and fold down come time to sleep, read, or work from home. She began the conversion by removing the old particle board top and replacing it with a sturdy piece of pine cut to size and secured it with screws. The DIY TV stand’s clever foldaway feature utilizes a piano hinge attached to half of the lid’s lower edge, along with a TV mount and locking supports to hold the unit open. Finding the right placement for all that hardware required a lot of trial and error, and Allen admits that she “thought about scrapping it a dozen times.”

Well, we’re glad she didn’t! Replicate this deluxe DIY TV stand from a credenza or other similarly-sized piece with enough space to tuck in your TV—like a dresser, trunk, or ottoman—and you can marathon all of your favorite shows without straining to take in all the action. And if you’re worried about tripping over exposed cables, copy Allen’s approach and route any cords through the back of the credenza and under the bed before plugging it in. After you’ve worked through these detailed plans once, getting your fix of television is as simple as lifting the lid.

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