The Half Christmas Tree Trend Is So 2020—and Really Smart for Small Spaces

Tight on space and short on time? There’s a hack for that this holiday season.

By Alexa Erickson | Updated Dec 18, 2020 11:17 AM

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half christmas tree trend


Although 2020 has thrown a major wrench in our plans, the joys of the season will prevail! While we’ll be celebrating smaller this year, with no large gatherings of family and friends and no in-person public holiday concerts, we shouldn’t let the pandemic have its way with our homes as well. Safe in our socially distant bubble, we can still deck the halls and make merry, just on a slightly smaller scale than in the past. As if on cue comes a holiday trend that’s perfect for this year’s less-is-more aesthetic: the half Christmas tree.

This innovative artificial Christmas tree may be the answer to your holiday decorating woes. It’s almost literally a hack, as the tree seems to have been sliced down its center. With branches on just one side, the tree can be tucked in a corner or placed flush against a wall. In comparison with a full-size tree, it takes up a fraction of the floor space and should require much less time to decorate. It’s ideal for small apartments and for those of us who are short on time but not on spirit.

Here are three of our favorite options:

5-Foot Pre-Lit PVC Artificial Half Christmas Tree with 250 Lights

home depot half christmas tree


The classic design of this half Christmas tree will trick admirers into thinking there’s more than meets the eye! Its thick needles look like those on a freshly cut tree, while its slender footprint ensures it takes up minimal space. The tree’s warm white LED lights offer eight different flash modes for a fun effect. Available at The Home Depot; $79.98.

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6-Foot Green Artificial Half Christmas Tree with Sparse Design

wayfair sparse half christmas tree


If you prefer a more minimalist aesthetic, this sparse but elegant half Christmas tree will surely catch your eye. The 6-foot height is great for those who have plenty of vertical space to work with, while the modest width allows the tree to be easily tucked into a corner. It comes with a tree stand, but you’ll have to add your own holiday lights—or go without for a truly minimalist look. Available from Wayfair; $114.99.

7.5-Foot Green Christmas Tree with 350 Multicolor Lights

wayfair pre lit half christmas tree


If you long for the grandeur of a towering fir but are tired of squeezing around the tree to decorate the back, you’ll love this generously sized half Christmas tree! The 7.5-foot design will spruce up a lonely, large corner in your home while providing plenty of space to array presents and holiday decor around it. Available from Wayfair; $149.99.

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