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8 House Flippers All DIY Fans Should Be Following on Social Media

Vision, sweat, and a passion for renovation make for compelling social posts. If you dream of overhauling a fixer-upper, you need to check out these DIYers and their incredible projects.
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Having trouble finding the motivation you need to start a home reno? Sounds like it’s time to add some inspiring DIYers to your social feed. We combed the internet to find house flippers who are checking major projects off their to-do lists—and sharing their journeys on their social channels.

While some home flippers are in it for the thrill of transformation, others want financial gains, and some simply enjoy creating beautiful spaces on a budget. No matter which of these accounts you follow, you’re bound to get some great tips, innovative ideas, and gorgeous photos to spruce up your feed.

1. Mid Century Modern Design

MM Design Co is an investor and designer duo based in Washington, D.C. On TikTok, you see the work they’ve done on a few different homes, transforming both interiors and exteriors. In the videos, they undertake complete overhauls including custom concrete and footprint expansion, but also focus on small details, like finishes and tiles, to bring a look together. Expect to see a lot of mid-century modern style, architecture and design inspiration, and before-and-after photos with eye-popping transformations.

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2. Victorian Renovation

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Stephen and David, the husband-husband team behind the Renovation Husbands account, are sharing their journey fixing up an 1893 Victorian home. A big issue they address when it comes to renovating a heritage building is how the age and style of the building do not lend themselves to modern furnishings.

Follow along as this award-winning pair transform one room at a time in their old house. You’ll get information on paint colors, finishes, and wallpaper, and have a few laughs at their renovation antics. And if that’s not enough intrigue, these two are backyard beekeepers, too!

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3. Finances and Flipping

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Unlike many other teams on our list who are spouses, the Austin Flippers are two college friends who renovate and flip houses in Texas. Lauren and Lincoln have been incredibly successful renovating various types of homes including split-level, craftsman, bungalows, and farmhouses. Each video shows a complete tour of a home—before and after—so you can see how their renovations, remodeling, and design concepts come together.

These house flippers share financial details with their audience, including purchase price, list price, selling price, closing costs, and overall profit. They share tips on what to look for in a fixer-upper, discuss the real estate market, and share information on where it makes sense to save costs during renovation.

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4. Fearless New Flippers

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The DIY Designer Duo, Amber and Trey, approached their first flip house with a can-do attitude and willingness to learn. It’s refreshing to see firsthand accounts from beginner house flippers and what can be learned through research, trying new things, and keeping it real.

Watch as this married couple transforms an old house with bite-size before and after videos. They’ll show you what to look out for, including budgeting, product and material options, and fixing problems that arise. They also offer how tos, and provide insights into the sometimes unglamorous side of flipping houses. Along with their pearls of wisdom regarding DIY projects, you get a small glimpse into their personal life, which only makes them more likable.

5. Country Estate Restoration

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Add some English charm to your feed by following My Tiny Estate, where engaged couple Dean and Borja work to restore an entire estate in the UK. Located in Warwickshire, this 2.5-acre estate has numerous buildings and gardens, including a caretaker’s cottage, servants’ quarters, the main Georgian residence, stables, gardener’s cottage, and piggery.

Dean and Borja do essentially all the work themselves, keeping and enhancing all the character of the property, but adding a modern touch here and there.

This is an amazing account to follow if you love historic architecture and want to see how this couple maintains the integrity of the space while incorporating new features, such as an outdoor cinema, electric car plug-in spot, and gym space.

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6. Edwardian House Refresh

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If you love older homes, 100 Years in the Making shares the updates Frances has done to her classic Edwardian home. Only the second owner, Frances bought the home with its original features as a summer project in 2017.

The work that’s been done on the kitchen, bathroom, and garden is elegant and timeless. Frances shares an in-depth look at the new extension, making it fit the style of the home—built with big windows for lots of natural light. You’ll see where she relocated the kitchen, and how she found a hidden utility room and hidden bomb shelter.

Clearly a family home full of love, this humongous project has modern touches fit to inspire any DIYer out there.

7. Flipping Furniture and DIY Decor

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Flipping doesn’t just apply to houses; it can also include the furniture inside them. Black Sheep House is an extraordinary furniture flipper, with a reputation for taking old or outdated pieces and breathing new life into them. When the furniture makeover is complete, she enjoys making the pieces look like they’re straight out of a Pottery Barn catalog.

As satisfying as it is to see the dressers, tables, chairs, and bedframes transform, this account offers even more for a DIYer. Get tips, tricks, and tutorials to help you customize your own furniture on a budget. From choosing a color, creating a weathered raw wood finish, or restoring faux wood with paint, there’s lots to learn here.

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8. 1964 Fixer-Upper

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Heather and Sean, the personalities behind the At Home with Bae account, record their DIY adventures—and sometimes DIY misadventures—while renovating their almost-60-year-old home. Their sense of humor and TikTok videos are really fun to watch, and viewers learn some budget-friendly DIYs, how tos, products, and tricks that help when renovating a fixer-upper.

Their project scope is an overhaul of the property, and each video is dedicated to a particular area. You’ll see them revamp both indoor and outdoor spaces with short videos that are incredibly watchable. This fun-loving couple covers random projects, like their basement speakeasy and pet shower, but they also update the home with smart locks, showerheads, and shades.