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How to Move a Hot Tub

Don’t attempt to move a hot tub on your own, but follow these steps to find out the best way to move a hot tub.
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how to move a hot tub

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Whether planning to move a hot tub across the yard or pack it up to move across the country, the basic steps remain about the same. The goal is to drain the hot tub and lift it to move the entire tub to a new location where it can be installed and refilled for future enjoyment. However, the problem with moving a hot tub is that even an emptied tub can weigh between 500 and 1,000 pounds, so it can be difficult to determine the best way to move a hot tub without getting injured.

Instead of trying to figure out how to move a hot tub by yourself, it’s advised to gather a 4-person team to move a hot tub. It’s important to note that the teammates you select should be not only willing to help, but physically capable of determining how to lift a hot tub and doing so without injury. Follow these straightforward steps to answer the question: How do you move a hot tub?

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While moving the hot tub is definitely the biggest step in the process, it’s also important to make sure that you adequately prepare the new location for the hot tub before moving the tub. Take the time to ensure the ground is level and located in an appealing area at your current home or new home.

When moving a hot tub, you also want to check the new location’s proximity to the nearest compatible electrical outlet. Plan the potential wire run so that you can avoid the risk of tripping over the cord while you’re on the way to relax in the hot tub.

STEP 1: Disconnect and drain the hot tub.

The first step in the process of moving a hot tub is to disconnect the power and drain the water from the tub. This should be relatively easy, because draining and cleaning the hot tub is a common maintenance task to complete once every 3 to 4 months. When the hot tub is disconnected, make sure to remove the power cord, if possible, or wrap the cord so that no one will step on it during the moving process.

Drain the water through the drainage valve located at the base of the tub, or use a submersible pump to rapidly pump the water out of the hot tub. Just make sure that the drainage hose is directed away from the area to avoid saturating the patio or lawn and creating a slipping hazard. Also, take this opportunity to remove the hot tub cover and either pack it in the moving truck or set the cover aside until you have finished moving the hot tub.

STEP 2: Lift the hot tub onto the furniture dolly.

how to move a hot tub

You should have at least three people to help lift, balance, and maneuver the hot tub during the moving process, though four people would be ideal. Two people should grab opposite corners on the same side of the hot tub and lift half of the hot tub up enough so that the third person can slide a 4×4 piece of lumber underneath the tub. Repeat the process with the other side to prop the hot tub up completely off the ground.

At this point, there should be enough space to slide the furniture dolly under the hot tub. Since the hot tub is propped up already, you can take your time to position the dolly properly without trying to hold the weight of the hot tub at the same time. With the dolly in place, lift the sides of the hot tub to remove the 4×4 boards. Any helpers should make use of lifting straps to better hold and balance the weight of the hot tub.

If you intend on moving the hot tub on its side, make sure that you do not accidentally tip the hot tub up onto the control panel, since the weight of the tub will damage the sensitive controls.

STEP 3: Load the hot tub onto the moving truck.

The hot tub should be resting comfortably on a dolly, allowing your team to wheel the hot tub to the new location in the yard or to the moving truck. If you are just moving the tub across the yard, then once it’s in the new location, simply lift the hot tub to slide the 4×4 boards back underneath and remove the dolly. Then remove each 4×4 board one at a time, so that the hot tub is sitting on the ground.

If you are loading the hot tub into a moving truck, you will need to have one person pulling the dolly up the furniture loading ramp, while a second person pushes the hot tub from below. The third person should stand on the side of the ramp to help balance the hot tub, and if there is a fourth person then they should take the other side of the ramp, so that the hot tub is supported on all four sides.

Move the hot tub to the back of the compartment and cover it with moving blankets to protect the tub while it’s in transit. Use tie-down straps to keep the hot tub secure and prevent it from moving or shifting in the back of the vehicle.

STEP 4: Unload and set up in the new location.

Man repairing the hot tub

After arriving at the new location, open the back of the truck and pull out the ramp. Check to make sure that you will have enough space to remove the hot tub without running into the garage door, a wall, or any other obstruction. Disconnect the tie-down straps and remove the moving blankets before moving the hot tub to the top of the ramp.

One person will need to hold the hot tub from inside the truck, while a second person will need to help support the hot tub as it comes down the ramp. The third and fourth person in the group should stand on opposite sides of the ramp to help slow and balance the tub as it comes down the ramp.

Wheel the hot tub to the new location and lift it up to slide the 4×4 boards underneath and recover the furniture dolly. Then lift the tub and remove each of the 4×4 boards, one at a time, so that the hot tub sits on the ground in the desired location.

STEP 5: Refill and reconnect the hot tub.

how to move a hot tub

Once the hot tub is in the new location, take the opportunity to clean it out and inspect the tub to make sure that no damage occurred during the move. Refill the hot tub and connect it to an available power source.

Don’t forget to add the appropriate chemicals to help keep the water free of algae. Always put the cover back on the hot tub when it’s not in use to prevent dust, dirt, leaves, sticks, insects, and other debris from falling into the water.

Moving a hot tub can be challenging on your own.

One of the most important steps in learning how to transport a hot tub is finding reliable people who can help you lift 500 to 1,000 pounds of weight. In fact, even if you are only trying to figure out how to move a hot tub a short distance or how to move a hot tub on grass, it’s still advised to have at least two helpers. Two people can collectively work to lift one side of the tub at a time, while the third person places 4×4 boards or a furniture dolly underneath the tub.

If you attempt to move a hot tub on your own, there is a high chance that this process could result in injury or damage to the surrounding area because the weight and bulk of a hot tub is simply too difficult for one person to manage. So, if you do not have a crew to help move the hot tub, then you should hire a moving company to get the job done safely.

how to move a hot tub