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Backyard Hot Tub Privacy Ideas: 17 Ways to Soak Without Being Seen

Create a peaceful backyard oasis by setting up your hot tub so it feels completely secluded.
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backyard hot tub privacy ideas woman in hot tub

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While unwinding after a long day with a soak in a hot tub, jets massaging away aches and a glass of wine in hand, the last thing many want to worry about is what the neighbors are thinking. That’s one of many reasons why privacy is a top concern for many when designing a hot tub patio or retreat.

Get ahead of the privacy dilemma with these backyard hot tub privacy ideas. Careful planning will help ensure that your hot tub is a tranquil oasis where you can let all of your concerns melt away.

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1. Full Coverage

backyard hot tub privacy ideas full coverage

One of the most straightforward hot tub enclosure ideas uses fencing and curtains. Not only does this outdoor living space have a wooden fence, but it’s also completely covered above by a pergola. Though the pergola has open sides, panel curtains are used to create additional privacy as needed. Thanks to the fencing, one side is able to stay open without compromising on seclusion, allowing clear views of the sky from the tub.

2. Covered Comfort

backyard hot tub privacy ideas covered hot tub
Photo: Decks and Patio Covers

A patio cover with semi-transparent acrylic paneling, like this one from Decks & Patio Covers, allows light in while protecting the hot tub from rain and creating a sense of privacy. These covers are completely customizable, allowing people to purchase a size that’s perfect for their particular hot tub setup. Curtains can be added as desired in order to ensure a complete sense of privacy.

3. Flawless Fencing

backyard hot tub privacy ideas fenced in
Photo: Decks and Patio Covers

Keep your hot tub out of view by installing wooden privacy fencing. Fencing like this can be used to enclose an entire yard or can be installed specifically to make a hot tub feel more private. Horizontal wooden panels paired with metal posts like these ones look modern and add a sense of style to most any outdoor living space.

4. Streamlined Gazebo

backyard hot tub privacy ideas gazebo

When imagining a gazebo, images of traditional wooden structures likely come to mind. If designing a modern backyard, however, there are plenty of options available for gazebos that will suit that aesthetic. An aluminum paneled model with operable horizontal slats like this one doesn’t compromise on great views while maintaining a private environment.

5. Wooden Wonder

backyard hottub privacy ideas wooden

This highly rated wooden gazebo kit available on Etsy ships packed flat and is ready to assemble. It’s made with treated wood that’s crafted for outdoor use and will withstand the elements over time. While as a standalone structure, this simple gazebo doesn’t provide full privacy coverage, it does an excellent job when placed against a fence or hedge or when curtains are added.

6. Natural Coverage

backyard hot tub privacy ideas tree covered

Many hot tub surround ideas involve man-made solutions, but it’s also possible to achieve backyard privacy by using natural elements like trees and shrubs. This hot tub is nestled into the corner of a garden, providing an excellent example of how trees can be used to block sightlines and create a serene oasis.

7. Perfect Pavilion

backyard hot tub privacy ideas redwood gazebo

A wooden hot tub pavilion, like Forever Redwood’s California redwood pavilion, is harmonious with the surrounding environment and provides a natural look despite being man-made. It features tinted side panels, providing privacy while still allowing users to soak in the view. These pavilions can be fully customized to the buyer’s specifications, and the company even offers white glove delivery and installation services in all 50 states.

8. Awe-Inspiring Overhang

backyard hot tub privacy ideas overhang

When installing a hot tub on a walk-out deck, it won’t be protected from rain and snow unless it’s covered. This overhang design is integrated into the rest of the home and features wood paneling that mirrors the wood used in the hot tub deck design. When paired with a hot tub privacy fence, this spa feels open while still remaining private. This style of design can also be an excellent choice for sunny patios to provide some extra shade.

9. Entertaining Excellence

backyard hot tub privacy ideas entertaining

Those who use their hot tubs for entertaining may appreciate the built-in bar included with this synthetic wood gazebo from Wayfair. The gazebo itself includes louver-style side windows that provide privacy as desired, and a skylight gives top-notch views of the night sky. The structure is made from materials that are UV-resistant, water-resistant, and even extreme wind-resistant.

10. Screened Serenity

backyard hot tub privacy ideas screen
Photo: OhOh Blog for Bob Vila

Many ideas for hot tub enclosures involve expensive purchases, so hot tub owners on a budget may appreciate a DIY hot tub privacy solution like this one. With just some basic supplies, you can create a privacy screen and canopy to place around your backyard hot tub. The result is functional and looks incredibly chic.

11. Pretty Pergola

backyard hot tub privacy ideas pergola

A classic pergola makes for an aesthetically pleasing addition to any outdoor living space. While this style of pergola on its own doesn’t provide complete privacy, curtains or even trailing vines can be added to make the spa feel more secluded. When choosing a pergola, keep in mind that there needs to be a minimum of 7 feet 6 inches from the rim of the hot tub to the underside of the pergola. Ideally, many prefer a taller clearance above a hot tub.

12. Hedge Your Bets

backyard hot tub privacy ideas patio hot tub

A timeless choice when trying to make a backyard more private is adding a tall hedge in lieu of fencing. Hedges are a natural option and evoke the feeling of a traditional English garden. In this example, hedges are strategically positioned to block the neighbors’ view of a hot tub situated on a patio. This allows a home spa to have open views without sacrificing users’ privacy.

13. Cedar Surround

backyard hot tub privacy ideas cedar pergola

This hot tub uses a cedar pergola with corrugated top panels to diffuse the sun, provide privacy, and turn the spa into a focal point. Since this yard is relatively remote, privacy is only needed on one side, and the cedar paneling does the job beautifully. Additional coverage can be created using more paneling or a hot tub privacy screen.

14. Matching Magic

backyard hot tub privacy ideas deck

Spa surrounds are often designed to match the rest of the deck or patio, and this is an excellent example of how a hot tub can appear to be a built-in feature. The privacy here is created by the hot tub’s placement since it backs onto a wall of the home, protecting it from view. If the yard is fully fenced, no additional privacy features are necessary.

15. Floral Fantasy

backyard hot tub privacy ideas flowers

Landscaping can provide privacy around pools and hot tubs, as evidenced by this example, which features a large flowering bush abutting one side of the spa. This hot tub landscaping idea works well when fencing in an entire yard isn’t an option and it provides a more natural setting. If you plan to use your spa in winter, be sure to choose evergreen shrubbery that looks lush year-round.

16. Screened Seclusion 

backyard hot tub privacy ideas screen

If your patio already has a fence or railing that doesn’t provide sufficient privacy, installing an add-on screen may be the perfect solution. This Alion Home privacy screen available on Amazon comes in a variety of widths and lengths in order to best suit your particular needs. It blocks UV light as well as visibility and is made with breathable fabric that’s designed for outdoor use.

17. Terrific Trellis

backyard hot tub privacy ideas trellis

An economical way to create privacy around a hot tub is to install a trellis. They come in different colors and sizes, allowing hot tub owners to choose a style that perfectly fits with their outdoor living space. Trellises have openings of varying sizes, so be sure to select a model that provides the level of opacity you need.

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