Is Husqvarna a Good Brand?

I tested 9 Husqvarna lawn and garden machines to maintain my grass, leaves, trees, and more. Here’s my take on this popular brand.
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Shoppers on the hunt for lawn and garden equipment have no doubt encountered a variety of Husqvarna products and might be wondering, “Is Husqvarna a good brand?” Beginning as a firearms manufacturer in 1689, Sweden-based Husqvarna boasts more than 330 years of precision manufacturing and innovation. Over the years, it has produced such diverse products as sewing machines, kitchen appliances, bicycles, and motorcycles. Today, Husqvarna is a global brand best known for its chainsaws and riding lawn mowers, and it’s the worldwide leader in robotic lawn mowers.

Husqvarna built a strong reputation for commercial-grade performance, reliability, and operator comfort in the days of gas engines. It sells a full line of residential and commercial lawn mowers, including walk-behind, riding, and zero-turn mowers. Its chainsaws have been used by loggers, ranchers, landscapers, and homeowners for more than 60 years, and they continue to enjoy an excellent reputation today.

When it comes to new technology, Husqvarna’s culture of innovation continues to shine. The company manufactures some of the best battery-powered lawn equipment in the industry, and it remains the worldwide leader in robotic lawn mower technology.

Overall Quality of Husqvarna Products

Some brands grow by offering adequate products at the lowest possible price. Those products have a limited lifespan during which they get the job done but leave much to be desired in terms of power, performance, accuracy, user comfort, and other details. That’s not the case with the Husqvarna brand. Through product development, lab testing, new-product releases, field testing, and customer feedback, Husqvarna designs powerful and efficient products that withstand the tests of time and hard use.

What We Like

In recent years, Husqvarna has invested heavily in three key areas: battery technology, robotics, and gas-powered zero-turn mowers. The company remains attuned to its gas-mower customer base, with the recent addition of its Xcite zero-turn lawn mowers to bridge the gap between residential and commercial performance with top-end comfort. Its BLi 36-volt, battery-powered equipment expands the limits of power and runtime while continuing to improve the overall operator experience with comfort and control features. The Automower line of robot lawn mowers incorporates AI-enabled software and includes the first boundary wire–free robot mower, which can mow up to 2.5 acres.

Worth Noting

Because of Husqvarna’s commitment to creating sustainable solutions while constantly evaluating and tweaking its products, the brand does not compete solely on price. Most Husqvarna tools are priced comparably to similar equipment by industry innovators such as Stihl, John Deere, ECHO, and Black+Decker.

A person using a Husqvarna backpack leaf blower to move leaves in a yard with a large house in the background.

Husqvarna Batteries: Options and Performance

Husqvarna’s 36-volt battery platform includes an extensive range of residential and commercial offerings, with several chargers from which to choose. Its battery-powered tools include brush cutters, chainsaws, hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, pruners, walk-behind lawn mowers, and more. The BLi22 (4 amp hours, or Ah) and BLi30 (7.7 Ah) batteries are designed for residential use, with 3-LED charge indicators and active cooling for optimal performance. The professional grade BLi100 (2.6 Ah), BLi200 (5 Ah), and BLi300 (9.4 Ah) batteries are sealed for all-weather use and feature a more lightweight design.

Charging options range from the 12-volt QC80F charger for charging with a car outlet to the 40-C80 desktop charger to the slow, medium, and fast wall-outlet chargers (QC250, QC330, and QC500).

Top Husqvarna Products

Husqvarna offers an extensive line of battery-powered and gas-powered lawn and garden equipment for residential and commercial use. Our recommendations cover some of the most popular residential options, including models we have evaluated in hands-on tests for our shopping guides.

Top Husqvarna Cordless Power Tools

Husqvarna’s battery-powered tools come equipped with powerful and efficient brushless motors that deliver lengthy runtimes and best-in-class user comfort. They are excellent options for users who want to reduce their carbon footprint without sacrificing performance.

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Top Husqvarna Outdoor Tools

When it comes to pure power and runtime for larger properties, gas-powered lawn equipment remains the most affordable option. Shoppers looking for durable and dependable equipment at competitive prices might consider these options.

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A Husqvarna robotic lawn mower on a large green lawn with a spacious home in the background.


Shoppers thinking about buying Husqvarna equipment may have a few lingering questions. We’ve addressed some of the most common ones here.

Q. Where are Husqvarna products manufactured?

Husqvarna relies on multiple manufacturing locations close to its major markets to facilitate sales of its products all over the world. Most products sold in North America are manufactured in its plant located in Orangeburg, South Carolina, although some high-end chainsaws are produced in the company’s home manufacturing facilities in Sweden.

Q. Why is Husqvarna equipment so expensive?

While bargain-priced brands use tried-and-true designs and low-cost materials to manufacture their products, Husqvarna follows a different business model. Ongoing engineering and design, product testing, and high-quality components increase the cost of its products on the front end—and lead to higher-performing, longer-lasting equipment.

Q. Should I buy from a Husqvarna dealership or a big-box store?

Husqvarna retailers, such as Lowe’s and Acme Tools, sell a limited number of the brand’s most popular products. Husqvarna servicing dealers stock a much broader range of equipment than these big-box retailers, and they also perform maintenance and repairs using original Husqvarna parts.

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