Fire Safety Month: Kidde Wireless Interconnected Alarm System

Kidde Wireless Alarm


October is Fire Safety Month—so we’re taking a look at some advances in fire preparedness. Since a homeowner only has, on average, about three minutes to escape once a smoke alarm first sounds, it’s imperative that they are warned as early as possible. Kidde’s Wireless Interconnected Alarm System goes above and beyond in making sure a homeowner is alerted to a fire, no matter where they are in relation to it.

Interconnected Wireless Alarm System


An interconnected system has an “all for one and one for all” policy. If the alarm in your kitchen goes off, then all the alarms in your house will do the same.

That may seem excessive, but interconnected systems are crucial in the event that a person can’t hear the initial alarm. A basement alarm might not be heard on the second floor, and vice versa. In the case of a real emergency, we need all the time and advanced warning we can get.

Newer homes are already being constructed with this kind of system. Homes built before 1993, however, would need to be wired for an interconnected system, the cost of which would not be insignificant.

Kidde has released a wireless alternative. The system’s alarms communicate via radio waves. So owners of older homes can still obtain the advanced level of protection interconnected alarms make available without the cost and labor of retrofitting.

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