The Backsplash: A Kitchen’s Most Underutilized Real Estate

Kitchen Backsplash


One of the areas that many of us consider absolutely last when remodeling the kitchen backsplash. After months of pondering countertop choices, we often settle for the easiest solution when it comes to the backsplash (a result of either running out of time or money, or both). And that’s a shame!  That 18-inch-high space between wall-hung cabinets and the countertop can attract the eye, both with color and texture, and it can provide some valuable, eminently useful real estate, too.

If you have a small kitchen, like I do, your backsplash needs to be more than a decorative backdrop. It needs to perform. So rather than clutter up the counter with messy containers and small appliances, I zeroed in on that six-foot run of narrow wall. To my delight, I realized there are a wealth of manufacturers meeting the challenge of backsplash-friendly alternatives. Here are a few that should help you make the most of your backsplash and your kitchen.

Store More

Kitchen Backsplash

Zero-Gravity Magnetic Spice Rack

This space-efficient Zero Gravity Magnetic Spice Rack by Zevro lives up to its name, as the 1.5 oz. canisters can store spices top and bottom. A locking mechanism on each canister allows you to dispense contents by pouring or sprinkling—great for one-hand use. Choose from the 6- and 12-canister models (each model includes a sheet of self-adhesive spice labels for your convenience).

Kitchen Backsplash

Wall-Mounted Paper Towel Holder

Hang Tight

This wall-mounted paper towel holder from SimpleHuman can be secured to a cabinet or the wall, in either an upright or horizontal position. A tension spring provides just the right resistance to pull off one towel at a time, while the extra-strong mounting bracket provides superior durability.

A Sharp Idea

Kitchen Backsplash

Under-Cabinet Swinger Knife Holder

Knives can take up a lot of space, in your drawers or on the counter. This innovative under-cabinet Swinger Knife Block from Wusthof allows you to safely and conveniently store up to eight knives and a sharpening steel. It swivels with a touch of the finger, holding the knives securely in place with magnetic strips.

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