Bob Vila Radio: Prepping the Pool

At the start of the season, your swimming pool might look worse for wear. But follow these steps and soon enough you'll be able to dive right in and enjoy it all season long.

‘Bet you’re good and ready for your first plunge in your beloved backyard pool. Before you start splashing, though, you’ll need to take care of these to-do’s.

Opening Swimming Pool



Listen to BOB VILA ON OPENING THE POOL or read below:

Use a pool hook to snag any large branches that have fallen in, then dip out leaves with a pool net. Crank up the filtering system to get the water circulating and, before adding any chemicals, give it time to complete one full cycle.

When you do add chemicals, make sure you follow instructions precisely. And don’t skimp on the chlorine. In fact, most pool pros recommend what they call “shocking” the water every couple of weeks with 3-to-5 times the normal amount of chlorine. Some advise doing that even more often if your pool gets a lot of use.

You’ll also want to add an algaecide from time to time to keep greenery from spoiling your swim. That’s especially true in windy and rainy climates where airborne spores tend to end up in the pool.

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