Repurposed Door Coffee Table - Bob Vila

Repurposed Door Coffee Table

Turning a vintage door into a new table may be easier than you think with these guidelines from a great DIYer.

How to Make DIY Door Coffee Table

After posting pictures of a DIY coffee table that she (and readers) loved, Sausha from Sweet Pickins decided to revisit the project. So she make another one—this time to sell. Luckily, she had a fantastic old door on hand to chop, paint, and style into this colorful, offbeat table. Here’s how you can make your own.


Old door
Teal paint
Power saw
Painters tape
Cabinet scrapers
Power drill


DIY Door Coffee Table - cut

I just cut off about 32 inches from the end, cut that in half to have about 16 in sides.  Then I decided to leave the old cream paint as is and use that for the under side of the table and the dark stained part I painted a teal color.


I taped off the hinges as well as the spot where the door knob used to be.


DIY Door Coffee Table - distress

After, I used my cabinet scrapers to heavily distress the entire door.  I love the way it turned, it looks like the paint has chipped off over the years.


The I sealed it with a few coats of poly (both sides).


DIY Door Coffee Table - finished

I just rubbed a little stain on the cut on the side of the door to make it look more aged. Voila— ready to sell!

DIY Door Coffee Table - close

Thanks, Sausha! For more cottage chic DIY ideas, be sure to visit Sweet Pickins.