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New Homeowners’ Survival Guide: Smart Moves That’ll Get You Through the First Year

There’s so much more to getting settled than submitting a change-of-address form. Here’s the dish on how to get through the first days and months in your new digs.
New Homeowners

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You’ve found a house you love—or will love for the next few years, at least—and you’ve signed all the requisite deeds, contracts, and mortgages. (Why did no one tell you, by the way, that buying a home brings about a thousand times more butterflies to your stomach than saying “I do”?) Now come the hard parts: moving your stuff, acclimating to a new community, and learning about the new home’s features and foibles. If your experience is anything like that of most homeowners’, the minute you move into your new digs, you’ll open a new mental Google spreadsheet of everything that needs fixing or updating, and add to the list every 12 seconds. Over the next weeks and months, you’ll probably also discover how well the previous owners took care of the place, and which maintenance to-dos they’ve let slide.

Whether you’re 20 or 90, buying a new home is a big milestone—one that comes with worries, questions, hard work, and, eventually (hopefully?), utter contentment. As you cross the threshold into this new chapter of your life, these simple how-tos, curated shopping lists, and informational articles will help you survive the “getting to know you” period with your new home.


New Homeowners

When home buyers have reached the point of signing contracts and mortgage documents, they’ve likely already sorted out what to pack and how the stuff is going to get from one domicile to another. If your moving date is a few weeks or months into the future, however, these few tasks might still be on your to-do list:

Setting Up Your New Place

New Homeowners

Congratulations! Now it’s just you, your family, some bubble-wrapped furniture, and 347 cardboard boxes at your new place. It’s hard to know where to begin with furniture arranging, setting up your internet and mail services, and connecting all of the tech gear and electronics. The following guides will help you establish yourself in your new home and in your new community.

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Basic How-Tos

New Homeowners

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that all homes’ previous owners have terrible taste, and their new inhabitants must spend their first months in said homes undoing these aesthetic travesties. (We speak from experience when we say that you won’t get a decent night’s sleep until you pull up the gnome-printed linoleum floors and the pink shag carpeting in the living room.) In these early days, you’ll probably also want to attend to matters of comfort, like making sure the temperature indoors is to your liking and that your electricity and plumbing are up and running.

Essential Gear for the First Year

New Homeowners

With as many boxes and truckloads of stuff that you brought to your new place, it’s hard to believe that there’s a long list of stuff you still need to shop for. The good news is that Bob Vila’s editorial team has vetted all of the best safety gear, decor, and other essentials your new home may still need.

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Heating, Air, and Weatherproofing

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Decor and Furnishings

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Essential Tools

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New-to-You Home Features

New Homeowners

Whether you’re a former apartment dweller who’s moved into a single-family home or you’ve upgraded, downgraded, or moved from new construction to an older home, chances are that your new place has some features that you’ve never had to manage before. No worries: If this is your first swimming pool (or cesspool), or the home’s energy sources are Greek to you, we can help answer your pressing questions.

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Need to Call a Professional?

New Homeowner

When your fix-its are beyond the scope of your expertise or are too dangerous to DIY, the best course of action is to seek professional help. Following are Bob Vila’s picks for top-rated regional or national companies in their respective fields. Of course, there are excellent local tradespeople to be found in most communities, which are best discovered by contacting the Better Business Bureau or asking for recommendations from friends or through local social media groups.

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