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Where to Get Free Moving Boxes

Save a pretty penny on cardboard boxes. Here are the most reliable places to acquire these moving musts in your local area, usually for free.
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Once the excitement of closing on a new house or locking down a great apartment wears off, reality sets in: Time to pack. Few tasks feel more overwhelming than boxing up your belongings in an organized fashion only to begin unpacking them a few days later.

That’s where cardboard boxes come in. There isn’t anything quite as easy to fill, label, and transport as these moving staples. The downside is, they don’t come cheap–especially if you’re packing up an entire house. Rather than blowing your moving budget on boxes, try hitting up a few places around town for free boxes instead.

free boxes - moving

Your local grocery store

Start here. Most grocery stores break down and recycle their boxes after they unload them, so give the manager a call to see if you can swing by and pick up the extras. Give them as much notice as possible: The manager may be able to time your request around the delivery schedule, which means more box inventory to choose from.

Liquor stores and bookstores

Both receive their products in large, durable boxes that are perfect for packing.

Coffee shops

Your local Starbucks has also been known to have extras from their shipments and may share the wealth with you if you ask the staff.

Online classifieds

Before you throw in the towel, scroll through websites with public, peer-to-peer listings. You may get lucky.

One or more of these methods is bound to scare up some freebies for you, making your moving day not only easier, but cheaper as well. Happy packing!