10 Ways to Warm Up a Cold Basement

Shivering in your lower-level rec room or home office? Warm up with these clever solutions.
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A finished basement adds significant square footage to a home, providing an additional living space that can be used as a TV room, home office, home gym, or children’s play area. The problem, however, is that basements tend to be chilly in winter, especially for those living in colder climates. Luckily, there are several ways to warm up a cold basement without major renovations. Consider the below products if you’re looking to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your basement.

1. Space Heater

ways to warm cold basement

A powerful portable space heater is one of the easiest—and most economical—ways to quickly heat up a cold basement. Our favorite model, the GiveBest Portable Electric Space Heater, heats up to 200 square feet. While it won’t warm up the entire basement floor, it’s perfect for an enclosed room. The temperature is adjustable to up to 158 degrees Fahrenheit, and it operates quietly, making it perfect for subterranean home offices.

Get the GiveBest Portable Electric Space Heater at Amazon for $29.99.

2. Electric Fireplace

ways to warm cold basement

Add both warmth and elegance to a basement with a sleek built-in electric fireplace, like this one from Antarctic Star. It can be recessed, semi-recessed, or wall-mounted, providing several installation options depending on your needs. It comes in six widths, ranging from 30 inches to 68 inches, to provide options for spaces of varying sizes. The fireplace can be operated using the device’s touch-screen buttons or included remote control.

Get the Antarctic Star 36-Inch Electric Fireplace at Amazon for $179.99.

3. Portable Baseboard Heater

ways to warm cold basement

Some basements come equipped with baseboard heaters, but if yours didn’t, it’s feasible to add one without undertaking a major renovation. The 58-inch-long Fahrenheat portable baseboard heater plugs into a wall outlet and features nearly silent operation. For added safety, the unit will shut off automatically to prevent overheating. Its simple, unobtrusive design helps it to blend into any space.

Get the Fahrenheat FBE15002 Portable Electric Baseboard Heater at Amazon for $353.72.

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4. Cozy Area Rug

ways to warm cold basement rug

If your basement floors always feel cold, a quick solution is to put down a high-pile area rug in the main living area. This plush rug from TWINNIS comes in a range of colors and four sizes, and its nonslip base makes the use of a rug pad optional. The fluffy microfiber material is soft enough to make it a great surface for a kids’ play area.

Get the TWINNIS Super Soft Shaggy Rug at Amazon for $44.99.

5. Thermal Camera

ways to warm cold basement

When the entire basement seems to constantly feel cold, it can be overwhelming to identify the actual source of your temperature issue. One way to get to the bottom of the problem is by investing in a thermal-imaging camera like the FLIR TG165-X, which can identify cold (or hot) spots in any space. Once you figure out which areas are the coldest, you can make informed decisions about sealing windows, installing additional insulation, or hiring a professional to tackle the problem.

Get the FLIR TG165-X Thermal Camera at Amazon for $349.99.

6. Warm Throw Blanket

ways to warm cold basement

If your basement doubles as a den or TV room, it’s prudent to equip your couch with cozy throw blankets to stay warm while binge-watching the latest Netflix series. This throw blanket from The Connecticut Home Company comes in five sizes and a rainbow of colors to suit any décor style. The outer layer features faux fur, while the lining is made from a plush sherpa material.

Get The Connecticut Home Company Faux Fur and Sherpa Throw Blanket at Amazon for $22.99.

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7. Reverse Ceiling Fan

ways to warm cold basement

One reason basements are often colder than the rest of a home is because heat rises. Installing a ceiling fan can help address that airflow issue. Although it may seem counterintuitive, there’s a simple trick that allows ceiling fans to keep a space warm. Ceiling fans are generally set to spin counterclockwise and push cool air downward, but reversing their direction has the opposite effect, circulating warm air in a room instead. Choose a reversible model like this fan from Hunter Fan Company, which we rated as the best option for small rooms in our researched guide to the best ceiling fans. As a bonus, it serves as an additional light source.

Get the Hunter Watson Indoor Ceiling Fan at Amazon for $153.

8. Radiant Floor Heating System

ways to warm cold basement

In new construction, it’s popular to install radiant floor heating systems, which are an efficient way to heat a home in winter. However, it’s also possible to add radiant floor heating to a space during renovation. Electric heated mats from Warming Systems come in a variety of sizes, and they even include a temperature-sensing thermostat. While this is one of our more expensive suggestions for basement heating, it’s also one of the most effective.

Get the Warming Systems 40 Sq ft Electric Radiant Floor Heating System at Amazon for $280.

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9. New Furnace Filter

ways to warm cold basement

If your basement furnace is underperforming, it’s likely time to change the air filter. In fact, dirty filters are one of the most common reasons HVAC systems falter. This pack of six Nordic Pure filters boasts a MERV rating of 12, which is considered ideal for home use. To stay on top of replacing your furnace filters, also consider signing up for an air filter subscription to ensure new ones are delivered at regular intervals.

Get the Nordic Pure AC & Furnace Air Filters 6-pack at Amazon for $52.42.

10. Radiant Wall Heater

ways to warm cold basement

While portable space heaters are a good choice for heating areas of a basement as needed, a wall-mounted panel heater is a more permanent solution. This flat panel heater from Amaze Heaters heats spaces of up to 150 square feet using convection. The 24-inch by 24-inch electric wall heater measures only half an inch deep, making it subtle and unobtrusive on white walls.

Get the Amaze Heater SOLO Smart 400-Watt Electric Convection Room Heater at Amazon for $109.99.

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