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8 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Like a Hotel

Maybe you can’t roam the world right now, but you can at least give your home a relaxing, luxurious resort vibe. 
make your home feel like a hotel

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One of the best parts of traveling is staying in plush oases that combine relaxation and entertainment in one luxe package. To stand out from the crowd, many hotels, Airbnbs, and resorts strive to offer their guests a one-of-a-kind experience, starting from the moment they check in. With a few easy tricks borrowed from your favorite hotel getaways, you can transform your home into a similarly serene and elegant space. Then, even when you’re stuck at home, you’ll enjoy the same sense of calm relaxation that’s inspired by a well-appointed hotel room.

It’s All About That Bed

In most bedrooms, the bed is the largest and most important item in the room. So, you might as well make it the star, just as hotels do. A statement bed or an accent wall behind the bed draws the eye and creates a flow in the space. It also helps the room feel less boxy, according to blogger Emily Henderson.

make your home feel like a hotel

Go for Symmetry

Many hotels place furniture symmetrically, in part because symmetry is both pleasing to the eye and welcoming when you enter a room for the first time. For instance, to enhance the soothing aesthetic, they typically situate identical nightstands, each with a lamp, on either side of the bed or couch.

Make It Comfortable

A hotel room needs to gracefully accommodate sleeping, relaxing, and eating. When you’re doing everything in one room, comfort is key. To re-create that aura of luxe relaxation, start with a soft, fluffy rug on the floor, which exudes coziness and also offers a way to introduce pattern into a room. In dining spaces, swap out rigid wooden chairs for plush armchairs, or reupholster your existing chairs. With cushier seating, you’ll be able to linger over dinner, savoring every dish, without discomfort.

Sun or Shade?

When it comes to window treatments, many hotels take a two-in-one approach, offering both a blackout curtain and a sheer or shades. Pairing window treatments gives guests the option of full natural light, filtered light, or complete privacy.

make your home feel like a hotel

Take a Seat

Because hotel rooms need to serve several functions, a small seating area can be helpful for working, entertaining guests, or even just putting on your shoes. You, too, can create a hotel-like vibe by setting up an intimate seating area in your bedroom or living room. Working additional seating into a room is also a great way to invite texture and pattern into the space for a bit of visual interest.

No Clutter Here!

One of the great appeals of a hotel room is that it’s a tidy space without clutter. To replicate this orderly, well-groomed atmosphere in your home, toss any unused or broken items promptly, or find a way to store them out of the way. The absence of clutter makes a space seem more open and lighter, and it cuts down on the stress caused by visual chaos and unwelcome reminders of responsibilities, distractions, and tasks undone.

make your home feel like a hotel

Flowers for Your Home? Groundbreaking.

Many hotels display opulent floral arrangements to enhance the feeling of elegance and hospitality. While fresh flowers are a lovely idea for the home, keeping them alive and looking great can be a messy, expensive hassle. You can, however, capture that same beauty and texture with a vase full of faux flowers. Arrange them in a stylish container for an easy, mess-free dash of refinement.

make your home feel like a hotel

Take a Sip in Style

Many hotel bars and restaurants are known for their glamorous and stylish glassware. Whether colorful, etched, or delicately trimmed in gold, hotel barware adds an element of elegance to any cocktail and even dresses up the dreariest house red. Amp up your drinks routine in your own home by picking up a new set of glasses, or even DIYing it with paint, glitter, or etching.