Brilliant Alternative Uses

for a Concrete Mixer

If you plan to fill several containers or a raised bed, you can save money and ensure quality by mixing your own soil in a concrete mixer.

1. Make a custom-blend homemade potting soil.

Convert an old concrete mixer into a compost tumbler by drilling drainage holes into the base of the existing drum (if you do this, it will no longer be suitable for mixing concrete).

4. Build a DIY  compost tumbler.

The rotation of a concrete mixer is also ideal for tumbling metal parts to remove rust.

5. Make a metal tumbler to remove rust and scale.

If you love the look but cannot get to the beach, you can use a concrete mixer to replicate the ocean waves and make faux sea glass.

6. Make sea glass for crafting.

Add grains and seeds such as corn, flaxseed, oats, peas, sunflower kernels, and wheat in the desired ratio to the mixer, turn it on, and let it mix for 5 minutes or so.

8. Mix custom feed blends  for livestock.

Gardeners use it to create custom planters that offer an ideal growing environment for alpine plants, succulents, and annuals.

9. Mix hypertufa for handmade garden planters.

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