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Corral Your Garden Veggies

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Easy to assemble, it will be ready to accentuate the vegetable patch in no time at all.

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With just 7 inches separating one horizontal bar from the next, vines have ample places to cling to as they climb ever higher on this 6-foot structure.

Align as many of these interlocking panels as you like, side by side, to create a stunning living wall of peas, cucumbers, climbing okra, or whatever climbing produce tickles your palate.

Each of the three caps is 5¼ inches in diameter and accommodates 12 canes for plenty of stability.

The steel tubing is coated with polyethylene to prevent rust and decay, and nylon netting provides additional support.

Along with the panels, shoppers purchasing the garden cucumber trellis receive eight metal twist screws, 10 plant support clips, and a pair of gloves.

The soft side won’t scratch or damage plants, and the weather-resistant tape is reusable.

Made of fiberglass, these stakes are durable and strong, and they won’t rust.

Designed to blend in with the natural environment, these structures are a brownish-greenish-grayish color and mimic twigs with their branching supports.