Here’s Why You Should

Keep a Roll of Tin Foil

in the Laundry Room

The process will take several minutes, and heavily tarnished pieces may require several treatments.

2. Polish Silver

Sunscald occurs when excessive sunlight causes blistering and peeling to tree bark and fruit.

4. Protect Trees  From Sunscald

Ensuring your sneakers are dry, insert the foil balls inside each shoe and leave them in overnight.

5. Soak Up Shoe Odor

Sharpen worn-down scissors by stacking several layers of aluminum foil, folding them in half, and then cutting them with the blades; six to eight swipes should leave your scissors nice and sharp.

6. Sharpen Scissors

The springs that hold the batteries in your remotes, flashlights, and toys can lose tension over time and gradually cause your devices to stop working. Use a small piece of foil as a quick remedy to this annoying problem.

8. Boost a Battery Pack

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