Expert Landscaping Ideas

for the Front of the House

If you are considering major plantings such as trees, think about how they will frame the front door as you approach your house.

1. Find a Focal Point

Ground covers are a low-maintenance alternative and complement to grass.

2. Make Good Use of  Ground Covers

If you want to take your visitors on a circuitous route, be sure you plant densely along each side of your path.

3. Set a Direct Path

If you are looking to add some privacy in your yard, consider a buffer of shrubs.

5. Add Some Privacy

If deer are an issue in your area, select shrubs that are deciduous (lose their leaves in the winter) but retain their form even when their leaves are gone.

6. Deter the Deer

They are considered permanent fixtures in the landscape, so you want to be sure they are not too close to the house.

8. Make Long-Term Plans  for Trees

Soften your driveway line with a curved planting bed where the driveway meets the front corner of your yard.

10. Create an Entrance

Flowering varieties provide color and fragrance and, because they tend to be smaller trees, they usually don’t block the house.

11. Add a Flowering Tree

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