Gardening Tricks

That Still Work Like a Charm

According to Oregon State University, “Coffee grounds are best at improving soil. As the coffee grounds feed the soil microbes, microbial glues are released that promote good soil structure and improve drainage.”

Coffee Grounds for Soil

Before you stock up on sodium chloride, make sure you understand how salt works to kill weeds, when and where to use it, and how to apply it to get the best results.

Salt for Killing Weeds

Like plastic or aluminum tree guards, white paint on trees offers protection from the sun, harsh weather, and pests.

White Paint to Protect Trees

Gardening expert Jessie Keith from Black Gold says, “Seedling blocks are money-saving and use less waste.” She adds that the tools will “pay for themselves quickly if you grow your plants from seed yearly.”

Soil Blocks for  Starting Seeds

Using eggshells for plants seems a strange concept, but they are loaded with calcium, one of the secondary macronutrients in soil that can help stimulate plant growth.

Eggshells for Plants

Modern winter sowing, which uses repurposed milk jugs and other plastic containers, was popularized by Trudi Davidoff, who didn’t have the space for starting seedlings indoors.

Winter Sowing

Using straw mulching is the ultimate gardener’s secret to keeping plants healthy and those veggie beds weed-free.

Straw Mulch for  Vegetable Gardening

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