Design an Ever-Blooming Perennial Garden

Understand your plant  hardiness zone.

By understanding your bioregion, you can choose plants that will survive the seasons and come back to bloom each year, saving you money and helping you avoid disappointment.

Learn about native  plant species.

Native plants generally are easier to grow and maintain than non-native species, plus they also support local biodiversity and provide a haven for pollinators.

Get to know your  garden space.

Take note of existing plants that are thriving, as you may want to keep them in your design.

Categorize your choices.

Early season  (e.g., tulips, peonies, poppies) Mid season  (e.g., coneflowers, phlox, dianthus) Late season  (e.g., hostas, Russian sage)

Have fun with color—and think beyond blooms.

Foliage, stems, and even berries can provide stunning pops of color in the perennial garden.

Keep your garden healthy to maximize bloom times.

A light yearly treatment of fertilizer or a yearly application of compost should provide adequate nutrition for your garden.

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