Living Modern

in an

Old House

Living in an old house is like having a piece of history all to yourself, but there are a few things to consider. The home’s mechanical systems—HVAC, electrical, and plumbing—might need upgrading.

1. Upgrading the Essentials: HVAC, Electrical, and Plumbing

It’s often worth spending a little more to have specialized inspections before making an offer on an older home.

2. Old House, New Safety Standards: Ensuring Compliance

Even in a historic Victorian or Queen Anne, residents can preheat an oven from a smartphone app before leaving work or get alerts if the fridge door is left ajar!

4. Modern Amenities: Seeking Smart-Home Solutions

Outmoded elements can be repurposed into eye-catching furniture, like a coffee table made from an old door, or a rustic shelf crafted from reclaimed beams.

6. Outdated Features: Repurposing Vintage Details

These include painting to refresh interiors, refinishing original hardwood floors for timeless elegance, adding shelving for improved storage, and replacing outdated appliances and fixtures to bring them up to modern standards.

8. DIY Delights: Smart Projects for Old-House Owners

One of the most common issues faced in vintage residences is inadequate insulation.

9. From Drafty to Cozy: Ideas for Energy Efficiency

Consider working with lenders who are experienced in historic or older homes and provide detailed documentation of renovation plans, emphasizing the potential increase in property value.

11. Small Budget, Big Plans: Finding Funding for Old  House Projects

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