Tired of Killing Trees Every Christmas?

Try a Living Christmas Tree

A living tree is a more eco-friendly choice than a typical cut tree, the latter of which will not survive after the holiday. Living Christmas trees are sturdier, last longer, and even smell better.

Choosing a Living Christmas Tree

1. Choose only trees that will fit comfortably in your yard. 2. Look for trees that will thrive in the local climate, soil type, and level of sun exposure where it will be planted. 3. Plan ahead to make sure you bring home a potted Christmas tree at least one week before you want to move it indoors.

Before bringing the tree fully inside, vigorously shake it to help prevent Christmas tree pests from making it inside.

Planting a Living Christmas Tree Outdoors

Before planting the tree outside—especially if the ground is frozen—move it back into the garage for a few days to allow it to transition back to outdoor temperatures.

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