Tips for Maintaining

a Nontraditional Lawn

Strategic placement of native trees and shrubs among hardscaping can help capture and filter runoff, replenish the earth below, and provide shade.

1. Manage Hardscaping Runoff

It suppresses weeds, retains moisture, and even supplies nutrients to the soil underneath.

3. Replenish Organic Mulch

There are several types that work well in home landscapes, including crushed stone, river rocks, pea gravel, marble chips, lava rocks, and even tumbled glass.

5. Tidy Gravel Edges

Artificial turf won’t sprout weeds and doesn’t need replenishing; all it needs is a sweep to keep it looking its best.

8. Seldomly Sweep  Artificial Turf

It’s important to stay vigilant and remove any plants that you don’t want growing in your landscape before they spread.

9. Pull Weeds by Hand

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