Outdoor Living Trends

Expected to be Big

in 2023

This includes opening up the home to the garden or patio through folding glass doors and adding enclosed verandas and partially covered gardens.

2. Greek-Inspired Touches

To make Greek dreams come true, opt for Grecian statues, columns, formal hedges, archways, gravel gardens, and stone pathways.

Choose brushed or textured stones made of granite, porcelain, sandstone, or limestone.

Vertical planting can achieve privacy screening in small spaces by using rolling shelves, pergolas, trellises, hanging baskets, planter boxes, fence shelving, mounted containers, and pouches.

5. Climate-Resilient Gardens

Be sure to work with a local arborist to identify the best plant species for your region to ensure they suffer less stress from heat and drought conditions.

Both the terra-cotta material and color are expected to play a big role in backyard design come the new year, adding a bit of a Moroccan or Mediterranean flare.

8. Upscale Relaxation

This trend involves high-quality furniture, outdoor rugs, pizza ovens, water features, elaborate fire pits, covered outdoor kitchens, and more.

Create firm pathways that are wide and roomy, so that people in wheelchairs or those who need support walking can easily pass by.

10. Sustainable Furniture

The sustainable outdoor furniture industry is booming, with so many more choices like pieces made from bamboo, recycled plastic, rattan, and other eco-friendly materials.

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