Things to Purge

From Your Home

Before 2024

Get rid of tablecloths that you no longer use, and consider buying a new one to welcome the new year.

1. Stained Tablecloths

Keep a few on hand for guests to peruse, whether in the den or the bathroom, and recycle the rest.

3. Magazines

Most types of makeup are past their prime after about 6 months—mascara, especially.

4. Old Makeup

Go through your closet and discard anything that doesn’t fit or is no longer in style. Donate items you don’t need or want to those who can make good use of them.

6. Clothes That No Longer Fit

As you sort, toss out games and puzzles with missing pieces—they’re not worth the frustration.

7. Outgrown Toys, Games,  and Puzzles

Delete junk mail, respond to messages you’ve been meaning to, and sort everything else into labeled folders.

8. Accumulated Emails

If you have more than you can possibly use in the near future, consider donating the extras to a charity gift-wrapping service.

10. Excess Wrapping Paper

Get rid of duplicates and warped whisks, and donate any utensils that you never use.

11. Kitchen Utensil  Drawer Surplus

Gather them together, along with all those gifts of soaps, bubble baths, body lotions, hair products, and other beauty items that aren’t your preferred brands, and donate them.

12. Health and  Beauty Products

And if you still have a collection of takeout menus hanging out in a kitchen drawer, toss them in with recycling—they’re probably all available online.

14. Takeout Utensils  and Condiments

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