10 Women-Owned Home and Garden Brands We Love

Women-owned businesses are on the rise, bringing fresh ideas, innovative products, and a new generation of business leaders. These are some of the amazing female-led businesses taking the home and garden sector by storm.

By Kat Hodgins | Published Mar 17, 2022 3:44 PM

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10 Women-Owned Home and Garden Brands/Businesses We Love

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Women-owned businesses growing and thriving in the home and garden industries are always worth celebrating. When women start their own companies, everyone benefits. Every new female-owned business creates new jobs and economic growth, and they provide new products and services to delight customers.

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, women-owned businesses accounted for almost 30 percent of all new businesses as of 2013. In the home and gardening sector, there are plenty of successful women to do business with. The following are just some of our favorite women-owned home and garden businesses.

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1. Lolly Lolly


Photo: lollylollyceramics.com

Lalese Stamps founded her ceramics company, Lolly Lolly, in 2017. Her background includes a degree in graphic design, but ceramics provided her with a more tactile creative outlet during her studies. Stamps gained national recognition in 2019 when she embarked on a “100 Day” project, creating 100 unique mugs with 100 different handles in 100 days.

Though Lolly Lolly has three other employees, Stamps still throws each of the mugs by hand. There are plans to create molds to streamline the process, but the company’s one-of-a-kind mugs can currently be purchased on the Lolly Lolly website.

2. Jungalow

women-owned brands and businesses

Photo: jungalow.com

Justina Blakeney started Jungalow in 2009. The business began as a design blog that has since blossomed into a lifestyle brand that sells home goods and offers design inspiration. The team is composed entirely of women, including Blakeney and eight other staffers who help run the business. The brand’s goal is to design, manufacture, and source products, like its Bliss Pillow, that prioritize communities and the environment first.

Jungalow is focused on giving back and helping to create a better tomorrow. It runs a Trees for the Future program, for which at least two trees are planted for every order received. The company also supports such charities as Girls Who Code, the National Organization for Women, the Downtown Women’s Center, and GirlTrek.

3. Estelle Colored Glass

women-owned brands and businesses

Photo: estellecoloredglass.com

Stephanie Hall’s grandmother provided the inspiration for the luxury handblown glass company Estelle Colored Glass. As a child, Hall loved her grandmother’s collection of colored glass. Unable to find anything like it when she grew up, she decided to create her own. She formed her company in 2019, with glassblowers from Poland manufacturing the company’s heirloom-quality cake stands and colorful stemware. At Estelle Colored Glass, costumers can purchase a custom set of stemware in more than 15 hues.

4. Womanswork

women-owned brands and businesses

Photo: womanswork.com

Womanswork is a glove company that’s been in business for more than 35 years. According to president and owner Dorian Rogers Winslow, Womanswork was the first business to offer work gloves designed specifically for women’s hands. It sells gardening gloves, leather gloves, garden supplies and tools, and more, for women, men, and children. Its high-performance gloves and other items are available through the company’s website.

Putting the slogan, “Strong women building a gentle world,” into action, Womanswork celebrates the stories of women who are making a difference through volunteer work, military service, environmental activism, and more. The company also encourages women to submit entries to its story bank.

5. Tantuvi

10 Women-Owned Home and Garden Brands/Businesses We Love

Photo: tantuvistudio.com

Launched by Arati Rao in 2015, Tantuvi brings the beautiful rugs of India to homes around the world. As a child, Rao loved her mother’s handwoven saris, which all carried origin stories of the regions they came from. In 2010, Rao, a professional designer in corporate fashion, left her job and traveled to India, where she learned about the country’s traditional crafts, including weaving, firsthand.

Tantuvi’s rugs, handmade by a community of weavers in India, feature vibrant colors and modern, geometric designs, as seen in its Canyon Circle Rug. By paying fair wages to the weavers, Tantuvi not only supports skilled artisans but encourages young people to take up the craft, preserving it for future generations.

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6. Hedley and Bennett

Ellen Marie Bennett

Photo: hedleyandbennett.com

Professional cook Ellen Marie Bennett knows the value of a good apron. As she traveled from culinary school to some of Los Angeles’s best kitchens, Bennett bemoaned the inadequacy of the aprons she used on the job. In 2012, she launched her own company to produce aprons that fit her needs as well as the needs of countless other cooking aficionados too.

Made for pros and home cooks alike, Hedley and Bennett aprons are built to hold up in any kitchen. With reinforced stitching, premium fabrics, durable pockets (and lots of them), and fun fabrics and colors, Bennett’s designs perform and look incredible. Take a look at its Dream First apron to see for yourself.

7. The Sill

Eliza Blank

Photo: thesill.com

With its mission of bringing greenery to everyone’s windows, The Sill is the place where even beginner plant parents can become experts. Founded by Eliza Blank in 2012, The Sill currently has nine stores and a booming online presence, selling plants, pots, and more—including a monthly plant subscription. Online purchases can be shipped nationwide and are packed carefully for a safe trip. The site also offers a plant care library and virtual workshops where attendees can learn how to best care for their green friends.

8. Cedar and Moss

Michelle Aaro

Photo: cedarandmoss.com

Michelle Aaro’s inspiration for her modern lighting and hardware company, Cedar and Moss, came after she moved into an Eichler-style mid-century ranch home. She knew what kind of lighting she wanted and when she was unable to find it, Aaro decided to use her experience in the lighting industry to design the pieces herself.

Since the company’s start in 2013, Aaro has been producing elegant and classic minimalist lighting fixtures like the Marie Sconce. As for her team, Cedar and Moss is an inclusive company with a staff that is 75 percent female.

9. The Inside

10 Women-Owned Home and Garden Brands We Love

Photo: theinside.com

The duo behind The Inside believes that all consumers should be able to purchase furniture and decorative accessories that reflect their style—and stay within budget. Founded in 2018 by Christiane Lemieux and Britt Bunn, the home furnishings company gives consumers more options to personalize their home. Shoppers can customize Inside’s Modern Sofa, for example, by choosing both the upholstery fabric and the metal legs’ finish.

In 2021, the company was acquired by Havenly, the largest online interior design service. The sale has helped The Inside expand its product offerings. Shoppers start by selecting a piece of furniture before deciding on specific features, such as fabrics and finishing, with the end result being a new piece of decor that entirely suits their tastes.

10. Bee’s Wrap

Sarah Kaeck

Photo: beeswrap.com

Designed to reduce waste—namely plastic waste—in the kitchen, Bee’s Wrap sheets and food storage bags are washable, reusable, and compostable options for keeping food fresh. Trying to eliminate plastics in her own kitchen, founder Sarah Kaeck revived the tradition of coating cotton with beeswax to create a reusable wrap. This endeavor formed the basis for her company, which uses responsibly sourced beeswax and organic textiles to create sustainable, environmentally friendly food storage wraps. Embodying Bee’s Wrap focus on reusability, style, and affordability, the Variety Value Pack includes seven wraps in various sizes and patterns.

In 2012, Kaeck started Bee’s Wrap without help from investors, and she’s since hired eight other women to create the sheets with her. In addition to helping the planet with her product, Bee’s Wax partners with 1% for the Planet, the Rozalia Project, Bee Cause, and other organizations.