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The Best Plants for Every Room of the House

The right houseplant brings beauty and calm into a space and improves your home's air quality, but that's only the start of it. There are plenty of other good reasons to keep some greenery in every room. Houseplants offer a whole host of benefits, from promoting productivity to flavoring your next meal. Read on to find the perfect houseplant for every room in your house.

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French Lavender in the Bedroom

The scent of lavender has long been known to promote calm and serenity, so why not keep a pot of lavender in the bedroom to ease you into relaxation at the end of the day? Of all the varieties, French lavender is best suited for the indoors. Just put it in a sunny window, and water it regularly, allowing the top inch or two of the soil to dry out in between. Sweet dreams!

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Peace Lily in the Living Room

Flickr via catandbang

The peace lily has long been popular for its showy looks and easy maintenance. It adapts well to low-light situations but will flower almost nonstop if given more light. Its glossy green leaves and upright habit make it ideal for placement in the living room, sitting on a console table, for instance, or next to a chair or by a window.

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Snake Plant for the Home Office

A 2011 study in the Journal of Environmental Psychology showed that houseplants in the office setting can actually prevent fatigue and improve attention span. For a real statement, choose a snake plant, which has long, sword-like leaves tipped in gold. It’s an ideal focal point or an excellent screen to visually block out any household hustle and bustle.

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Bamboo in the Dining Room

Lucky bamboo is a striking houseplant that could not be easier to care for. It lives happily in most light conditions and grows in nothing more than pebbles and distilled water. Available in either the straight or the twisted variety, bamboo brings elegance to any room, without the mess and expense of cut flowers. Display bamboo on a buffet or a plant stand, or even use it as a centerpiece on your table.

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Ferns in the Bathroom

Etsy via dirtcouture

Low light and high humidity make most bathrooms welcoming environments for tropical plants. In nature, ferns grow in filtered light under the canopies of tropical forests—light conditions not unlike those in your own bathroom. Put a fern in a neglected corner of your bath for some lush, low-maintenance decor.

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Herbs in the Kitchen

There’s no better houseplant for the kitchen than one that will help you cook! You have lots to choose from, as there are plenty of herbs that can be enjoyed indoors year-round. If you have a sunny window, rosemary is an excellent choice. Keep it shaped by pruning a little here and there every time you need a sprig or two.

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Aloe in the Sunroom

Pixabay via Birgit_H

If you have a sunroom, you already know it’s the perfect spot for many houseplants. But don’t miss this opportunity to grow an aloe vera if you’ve got a room with abundant light. Aloe grows well on a sunny windowsill, where it will not only purify your home’s air, but also enrich your first aid arsenal—the juice of its leaves can help heal a nasty sunburn.

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