Amy Lynch


Amy Lynch is a writer and editor whose work has appeared on Brit + Co, Refinery29, The Hairpin and Collective Quarterly. She's been hired to help tell the stories of brands like Impact Hub Austin, Criquet Shirts and Kennedy Creative Events, while her content production skills have been put to good use by General Motors, Morgan Stanley, Wyndham Worldwide, Alternative Apparel and more. Amy lives, works and plays in the weird, wild heart of Austin, Texas.

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JUNE 23, 2017 | FRIDAY
Porcelain or Ceramic: Which Tile Type Is Right for You?

When considering a tile refresh for any floor, wall, or countertop, keep porcelain and ceramic tiles top of mind for their classic look and clean-lined appearance. Homeowners love their d...

JUNE 13, 2017 | TUESDAY
How To: Move a Refrigerator

When you’re starting out in a new home or renovating the kitchen in your current one, the time may come when you must figure out how to move a refrigerator. With fridges weighing in anywh...

JUNE 6, 2017 | TUESDAY
Solved! Here's How Long It Takes Paint to Dry

Q: I'm about to refresh my living room walls, but I've seen different opinions on how long to wait between coats of paint. How long does it take paint to dry?A: You're smart t...

JUNE 5, 2017 | MONDAY
12 Big Ideas for Small Backyards

There’s a common misconception that for a garden to flourish it has to be given lots of land and room to breathe. In reality, a small space can provide the foundation for a fantastic gard...

JUNE 2, 2017 | FRIDAY
All You Need to Know About Gel Stain

When it’s time to finish a wood-based project, your options tend to seem at one end of the spectrum or the other: choosing between a traditional varnish or stain that leaves the character...

Buyer’s Guide: Solar Path Lights

Many homeowners like to enjoy the warmer months by entertaining in the backyard, dining on the patio, and playing lawn games. Solar path lights add the extra brightness to your outdoor sp...

MAY 24, 2017 | WEDNESDAY
Solved! The Great Debate on Mowing Wet Grass

I’ve seen a neighbor mow the lawn in the morning shortly after sprinklers quit, but I was under the impression that this practice was ineffective when the blades are still wet.  Is it act...

MAY 22, 2017 | MONDAY
Buyer’s Guide: Portable Grills

Homeowners who host frequent outdoor gatherings tend to have strict opinions about what kind of backyard grill keeps mouths watering. Picking the right cooker to satisfy taste buds out on...

MAY 18, 2017 | THURSDAY
Solved! What to Do About a Smelly Dishwasher

Q: I’ve noticed an unpleasant odor coming from my dishwasher, and my usual dishwashing detergent clearly isn’t strong enough to tackle it. Any ideas for freshening things up a smelly dish...

MAY 16, 2017 | TUESDAY
Buyer’s Guide: Lawn Fertilizers

Whoever said, “The grass is always greener on the other side” probably wasn’t using the right stuff. When it comes to keeping a yard in top condition, all you really need is the best lawn...