Amy Lynch


Amy Lynch is a veteran writer and editor specializing in design and decor, health and wellness, travel and culture. Her work has appeared on Brit + Co, Refinery29, The Hairpin and Collective Quarterly, just to name a few. Her background also includes work in content production for Fortune 50 brands, startups, and government agencies. Ms. Lynch lives, works, and plays in the weird, wild heart of Austin, TX.

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The Best Cutting Boards, According to Home Cooks

Interested in keeping your investment countertops in tip-top shape? Cutting boards are key accessories for any kitchen, providing a durable, hygienic place to slice and dice ingredients w...

Buyer's Guide: Nail Guns

Whether you’re repairing a roof, redoing your wood floors, or starting any other type of major do-it-yourself project, chances are you’ll want a nail gun (also called a “nailer”). This ha...

12 Perfect Plants for Lining Your Pathway

Whether you live in a small cottage with a humble stoop or a grand home with a long, winding driveway, you probably care about curb appeal. Here are 12 plants that are perfect for lining ...

JULY 23, 2018 | MONDAY
How To: Balance a Wobbly Ceiling Fan

Even in the age of central air, ceiling fans still have their lofty place. The welcome breeze they provide evaporates sweat and contributes to the cooling effect every home calls for in s...

MAY 15, 2018 | TUESDAY
How To: Tighten a Toilet Seat

From the pressure of people sitting to the constant opening and closing of the lid and/or seat, your toilets probably get more traffic than any other seat in the house. So it’s understand...

MAY 7, 2018 | MONDAY
Solved! The Best Type of Oil to Use for a Lawn Mower

Q: I haven't changed my lawn mower's oil since last season, so I'm feeling rusty. Remind me: What type of oil can I use in my lawn mower?A: You're not alone. In fact, this bit of lawn mow...

Buyer’s Guide: Plungers

It happens to all of us at one point or another. A shower drain backs up and refuses to empty out the tub, a sink fills up far faster than it empties itself out, or—the most dreaded momen...

APRIL 9, 2018 | MONDAY
Solved! What to Do About a Leaky Refrigerator

Q: There’s a small daily puddle on my kitchen floor that seems to be coming from my refrigerator—not from anything inside, but from the fridge itself. Why is my refrigerator leaking water...

MARCH 13, 2018 | TUESDAY
Solved! How Long Do Fire Extinguishers Last?

Q: I just moved into an apartment that has a fire extinguisher in the kitchen, but I’m not sure if it still works. So I’m wondering: How long do fire extinguishers last? How can I tell if...

How To: Dispose of Paint Thinner

Composed of mineral spirits, turpentine, and acetone or other solvents, paint thinner effectively does its job of thinning oil-based paints and cleaning tools like brushes and rollers. Bu...