Amy Lynch


Amy Lynch is a veteran writer and editor specializing in design and decor, health and wellness, travel and culture. Her work has appeared on Brit + Co, Refinery29, The Hairpin and Collective Quarterly, just to name a few. Her background also includes work in content production for Fortune 50 brands, startups, and government agencies. Ms. Lynch lives, works, and plays in the weird, wild heart of Austin, TX.

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9 Ways Your Neighbors Can Screw Up Your Home Sale

If you’ve ever been on the hunt for that perfect piece of real estate, you know that decisions aren’t made by checklists alone. Sure, factors like location, square footage, and number of ...

Solved! What to Do About Squirrels in the Attic

Q: I keep hearing noise coming from upstairs and am fairly sure that a family of squirrels has taken up residence in my house. Short of setting traps, what’s the safest way to tell that t...

The Best Wireless Doorbells of 2021

Among the many advantages of high-tech home accessories is their ability to let us untangle ourselves from old-fashioned wired systems, grant us newfound flexibility and convenience, and ...

Solved! What to Do About Wasps

Q: I’ve found not one but multiple wasps hanging out inside my house over the past few days, but no nest. Where could they be coming from? And—more importantly—how do I get rid of them?A:...

Solved! What to Do When the Toilet Won’t Flush

Q: Help! My toilet won’t flush. The handle moves freely, but nothing happens when I press down. Can I fix it without calling a plumber?A: For what it’s worth, you’re experiencing an issue...

JULY 19, 2016 | TUESDAY
10 Unusual Tricks for Your Easiest-Ever Paint Job

One of the simplest ways to spruce up your space is to add a fresh coat of paint. Painting is a fairly straightforward process that almost anyone can master, and in contrast to larger hom...

JULY 15, 2016 | FRIDAY
Weekend Projects: 5 Designs for a DIY Door

At its core, a door's construction is mostly the same; learn to build one, and you can fashion as many as your home has doorways. The small details like color, texture, and hardware disti...

JUNE 28, 2016 | TUESDAY
9 Unexpected Turnoffs for Home Buyers

When you put your home up for sale, you need to put in quite a bit of work to make it an attractive competitor on the real estate market. Location, price, and a host of other factors affe...

JUNE 24, 2016 | FRIDAY
Solved! What to Do When Your Air Conditioner Is Leaking Water

Q: My central air conditioning system is leaking water. Any way I can DIY the repair and avoid an expensive repair bill?A: Most likely, you’re dealing with one of three things: a damaged ...

JUNE 23, 2016 | THURSDAY
The Dos and Don'ts of Swimming Pool Maintenance

Nothing says summer like a refreshing swim in the backyard pool. But your swimming pool does need care—and doses of the proper chemicals—to ensure safe, delightful dips. It’s important to...