Amy Lynch


Amy Lynch is a veteran writer and editor specializing in design and decor, health and wellness, travel and culture. Her work has appeared on Brit + Co, Refinery29, The Hairpin and Collective Quarterly, just to name a few. Her background also includes work in content production for Fortune 50 brands, startups, and government agencies. Ms. Lynch lives, works, and plays in the weird, wild heart of Austin, TX.

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JULY 15, 2016 | FRIDAY
Weekend Projects: 5 Designs for a DIY Door

At its core, a door's construction is mostly the same; learn to build one, and you can fashion as many as your home has doorways. The small details like color, texture, and hardware disti...

Buyer’s Guide: Lawn Edgers

Whether your yard is large or small, minimally landscaped or filled with flower beds, one of the easiest ways to keep it looking sharp is to invest in a quality lawn edger to tame unruly ...

JUNE 28, 2016 | TUESDAY
9 Unexpected Turnoffs for Home Buyers

When you put your home up for sale, you need to put in quite a bit of work to make it an attractive competitor on the real estate market. Location, price, and a host of other factors affe...

JUNE 24, 2016 | FRIDAY
Solved! What to Do When Your Air Conditioner Is Leaking Water

Q: My central air conditioning system is leaking water. Any way I can DIY the repair and avoid an expensive repair bill?A: Most likely, you’re dealing with one of three things: a damaged ...

JUNE 23, 2016 | THURSDAY
The Dos and Don'ts of Swimming Pool Maintenance

Nothing says summer like a refreshing swim in the backyard pool. But your swimming pool does need care—and doses of the proper chemicals—to ensure safe, delightful dips. It’s important to...

JUNE 20, 2016 | MONDAY
How To: Prevent Drain Clogs

Here’s an unpleasant thought: Our household drains see all sorts of horrors on a daily basis—hair, dirt, grime, and food waste, just to name a few. Add up everything that passes through o...

JUNE 3, 2016 | FRIDAY
Weekend Projects: 5 Creative Designs for a DIY Chicken Coops

Scientific studies certainly support the nutritional benefits of the incredible egg, but what they don't detail is what a difference it makes to pick the eggs fresh from your very own bac...

MAY 16, 2016 | MONDAY
Solved! What to Do When Your Freezer Isn’t Freezing

Q: I’ve noticed that my freezer isn’t working as well as it used to. Is there any possibility of a quick fix instead of a big repair bill?A: The good news is, there’s a high probability t...

MAY 12, 2016 | THURSDAY
How To: Clean a Gas Grill

It's one of the most loved rituals of summer—friends and family gathering together in the backyard to enjoy some hot-weather fun and feast on succulent delicacies fresh from the gas grill...

MAY 3, 2016 | TUESDAY
How To: Polish Stainless Steel

Thanks to its ability to resist corrosion, withstand heat, and handle all sorts of chemicals, stainless steel is a common constituent of appliances, sinks, and cooking implements. Increas...