Audrey Stallsmith


Name: Audrey Stallsmith

Title: Contributing Writer

A freelance writer for over 30 years, Audrey Stallsmith has specialized in garden-related nonfiction for the last 10 years. She has been writing for since October of 2020 and is also a mystery novelist and photographer.   

Expertise and Experience

Audrey is the author of the Thyme Will Tell gardening-related mystery series from WaterBrook Press, an imprint of Penguin Random House. A former master gardener with over 30 years of horticultural experience, she has been published in Woman’s World, Birds & Blooms, Writer’s Digest, and more. She has also written hundreds of gardening articles for such sites as eHow, SFGATE, and Dave’s Garden, as well as her own Thyme Will Tell site. 

Winner of a second-place award in a Horticulture Magazine photography contest and occasional correspondent for the Greenville Record-Argus, Audrey also has contributed poultry articles to Grit’s Community Chickens site, Acres U.S.A., and Farming Magazine. Audrey lives on a small farm in Pennsylvania where a menagerie of pets, free-ranging poultry, and occasionally escaped livestock make horticulture a challenge—but a highly enjoyable one!

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MAY 30, 2023 | TUESDAY
Solved! Does Mulch Attract Termites?

Q: I want to use wood mulch in the flower beds in front of my home to suppress weeds, but I’ve heard that it might lure termites to the house. Does mulch attract termites? If so, should I...

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How to Grow Kale

Is kale good for you? The answer is a resounding yes! Kale often is reputed to have more vitamins and minerals than any other garden vegetable. Its list of nutrients includes vitamins A, ...

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15 Vegetables That Grow in Shade

Unfortunately, most vegetables don’t have it made in the shade. The popular types that produce large fruits above-ground—such as tomatoes, melons, and squashes—generally require at least ...

MAY 17, 2023 | WEDNESDAY
How to Grow Hops

Learning how to grow hops isn’t difficult. In fact, it’s a little too easy—one of the only plants that grows faster than hops is bamboo. So if you don’t confine your hops bines (climbing ...

APRIL 14, 2023 | FRIDAY
How to Grow Jalapeños

Jalapeños are among the most popular peppers, especially in U. S. gardens and kitchens and extensively throughout Mexico, the country of its namesake city, Xalapa. The versatile pepper ha...

11 Types of Asian Greens and How to Grow Them

Enjoy a convenient supply of iron, calcium, and vitamins A, C, and K by growing Asian greens in your garden. Most types of Asian greens are brassicas (members of the mustard family), whic...

How to Grow Calla Lilies

Due to calla lily meaning “magnificent beauty” in the language of flowers, as well as its associations with purity and fidelity, its chalicelike spathes have become popular in wedding bou...

What Is a Pocket Garden and How Can I Make One?

A pocket garden is any small garden that makes use of what previously were considered unusable spaces. You can place it in the ground, in containers, on straw bales, in a hollow stump, or...

MARCH 28, 2023 | TUESDAY
10 Ways to Grow Organic on a Shoestring

In 2021, produce accounted for 40 percent of organic food sales in the United States. Growing an edible garden organically also appeals to plenty of home growers. But the cost of organic ...

MARCH 17, 2023 | FRIDAY
How to Grow Morning Glories (and Keep Them Under Control)

With heart-shaped leaves and funnel-shaped blooms, the vining morning glories called Ipomoeas only need something on which to climb to clothe themselves in glorious color. The annual flow...