Deirdre Mundorf


Name: Deirdre Mundorf

Title: Contributing Writer

Deirdre Mundorf is a former teacher and freelance writer who most enjoys working with topics pertaining to home, family, and pets. She began freelance writing in 2019, after the birth of her first child, and has been contributing to since 2020.

Expertise and Experience

Deirdre spent the first 11 years of her professional career as an elementary school teacher to second- and third-grade students. After giving birth to her first child, Deirdre decided to leave the teaching profession to dedicate more time to raising her daughter. However, it wasn't long before she found that she needed something extra to keep her busy and to help contribute to the family income, so she rekindled her passion for writing and became a freelance writer.

Deirdre started as a ghostwriter, and after building up her profile, she was hired as a freelance writer with in 2020, shortly after the birth of her second child. Her freelance writing for, Discover Magazine, and other publications has covered a wide range of topics. However, Deirdre is most passionate about topics related to the home and family.

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