Jeff Keleher


Name: Jeff Keleher

Title: Editor, Home Finances,

Jeff Keleher joined the Bob Vila team as home finances editor in May 2022. With a decade of professional writing experience, he has created heavily researched educational content for mortgage lenders, financial service firms, and insurance companies. As a homeowner himself, Jeff continually strives to simplify the complexity of home finances so consumers can make the best choices. When he’s not busy writing, he enjoys cooking, playing guitar, and taking on new DIY projects around his 130-year-old house. 

Expertise and Experience

Jeff has a decade of experience producing helpful content for a wide variety of audiences. Before joining the Bob Vila team, he worked in the marketing department at Guaranteed Rate, one of the nation’s leading mortgage companies. His professional experience covers the entire home finance arena, including mortgages, unsecured loans, and insurance.

Throughout his career as a writer and editor, Jeff has remained committed to creating content that educates readers about the financial choices that will directly impact their budgets and day-to-day lives. When covering subjects like taking out a home loan, refinancing a mortgage, buying insurance coverage, or purchasing a home warranty, Jeff believes readers deserve nothing less than the whole truth. He prides himself on his ability to break down complex financial matters and empower readers to make informed decisions.

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