Kristen Mosier


Name: Kristen Mosier

Title: Contributing Writer

A home design and renovation enthusiast, Kristen Mosier has worked on editorial teams and as a freelance writer for various home improvement and women's health publications. She began writing for in the summer of 2020 and has covered topics ranging from her DIY projects and product reviews to shopping guides, news articles, and design pieces. Kristen's second career as a psychotherapist gives her a unique perspective, allowing her to speak to the mental health and relational aspects of homeownership and remodeling. 

Expertise and Experience 

Kristen began her writing career covering kitchen and bath design and renovation. She spent 6 years in the industry, serving as an editor both in print and online. Following that, Kristen broadened her content coverage at This Old House, where she served as an editor for the brand’s website.

In later years, she served as the executive editor of, covering various topics in women's health and wellness. As her interest grew in women's health, she decided to embark on a second career path, becoming licensed as a marriage and family therapist. Currently, Kristen combines her skills and interests as both a therapist and a freelance writer. She keeps the mental health impact of homeownership at the forefront as she writes about renovation and design.

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