Savannah Sher


Savannah Sher is a freelance writer and editor with a degree in Journalism from Concordia University who covers home improvement, lifestyle, wellness and pop culture. You can see some of the DIY projects she has done in the feature that Apartment Therapy did on her home in 2016. Her guests have become accustomed to walls being repainted and furniture being moved around every time they visit. She lives with her husband and three-legged rescue dog Nori who is the best co-worker she could ask for. Check out Savannah's work and connect with her on her portfolio website or through LinkedIn.

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APRIL 5, 2021 | MONDAY
5 Clever Reasons to Plant a Tree on Your Property

Though trees certainly add natural beauty to any outdoor space, there are a variety of practical advantages to having an appealing wooded property. Planting trees in your yard is a long-t...

10 Home Staging Tips for Your Outdoor Spaces

When preparing a home for sale, ensuring that the exterior is as tip-top as the interior can mean a big payoff for sellers. Here are a few easy ways to pep up patio and yard spaces before...

MARCH 30, 2021 | TUESDAY
How To: Grow Ginger in Your Home Garden

Ginger rhizomes, more commonly known as ginger roots, come from the flowering plant Zingiber officinale. Ginger has been used in cultures around the world in both cooking and alternative ...

MARCH 29, 2021 | MONDAY
The Best Bow Rakes for Your Lawn and Garden

A bow rake, also known simply as a garden rake, differs from a leaf rake in that it has thicker, shorter tines spaced farther apart. Bow rakes are meant for dealing with heavier materials...

MARCH 29, 2021 | MONDAY
The Best Countertop Compost Bins for Your Home

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), food scraps make up more than 30 percent of the average household’s waste. Rather than ending up in a landfill, this organic matter...

MARCH 28, 2021 | SUNDAY
The Best Wood Cutting Boards for Prepping and Serving Food

Wood cutting boards have long been popular for their durability and aesthetic, but there has been some debate about how sanitary they are. While it was believed for a time that plastic cu...

MARCH 28, 2021 | SUNDAY
The Best Cordless Grass Shears for a Well-Maintained Landscape

Grass shears are a handy landscaping tool for trimming areas that a lawn mower can’t reach. They’re ideal for corners and the areas around flower beds, driveways, pathways, and tree trunk...

MARCH 28, 2021 | SUNDAY
The Best Stand-Up Weeders for Your Garden Needs

Weeds and other invasive plants can wreak havoc on a yard or garden, but many homeowners are understandably wary about treating them with harsh herbicides. Weeding by hand, however, can b...

MARCH 28, 2021 | SUNDAY
The Best Hedge Shears for Landscaping

Hedge shears—also referred to as manual hedge trimmers—are a critical part of every amateur horticulturist’s arsenal. They’re highly effective for trimming branch tips and tidying up edge...

MARCH 23, 2021 | TUESDAY
The Best Nut Choppers for Your Kitchen

Nuts are nutrient-rich and full of antioxidants, adding fiber, protein, and a number of other micronutrients to your diet. Studies suggest that they even reduce the risk of diabetes and h...