Tom Scalisi


Tom Scalisi is a freelance writer specializing in the home design, construction, tools, and automotive industries. He has been involved in the trades for over 15 years as both a contractor and a commercial building mechanic. Tom has written for several online blogs and magazines including Next Luxury, The Drive, Car Bibles, and PowerTüls. In addition to his professional life, Tom enjoys getting outside on his mountain bike, camping, beekeeping, and fishing. Tom is also an avid racing and baseball fan. He lives in NY’s Hudson Valley with his wife, their three children, and three dogs. Connect with Tom on LinkedIn.

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6 Things to Know About Garage Door Opener Installation

Garage door opener installation might seem like an intimidating task that’s out of your reach, but today’s installation kits come with everything you need to get the job done. Given that ...

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The Best Table Saw Accessories for Your Workshop

While the design might seem simple, table saws are incredibly customizable. Pros and hobbyists can choose from an array of accessories that will increase the tool’s accuracy, usability, a...

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15 Types of Wood All DIYers Should Know

As a DIY woodworker or carpenter, there are seemingly endless species of wood from which to choose. Whether it’s a bank of kitchen cabinets, a DIY shed, a birdhouse, or a backyard deck pr...

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The Best Leather Conditioner to Revitalize Your Car’s Interior

Car shoppers are often willing to pay extra for leather interiors: they’re comfortable, great-looking, long-lasting, and easy to clean. However, while a leather interior might be luxuriou...

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The Best Glue for Leather Repairs

If you appreciate top-quality leather goods, you may have noticed that a lot of attention goes into the stitching along the seams. But much of a leather product’s quality relies on the ad...